Library Burned to the Ground! Librarians Gone Missing!!

Just two days ago the Center for the Enlightened Mind (a large private library owned by the Elroliad Cloisters) was burned to the ground leaving ash and soot where the impressively sized library once stood. Locals say that a portal opened out of nowhere and a strange-looking man stepped out of it with many various creatures in tow. They entered the library and all went quiet until  a fireball erupted through one of the windows blowing out the glass. As the fire began to rage the strange looking man stepped out of the building stood in front of it and seemed to be in a sort of trance. The creatures that came with him began to leave the building as well, entering into the still-swirling portal. After the creatures left, other figures left the building some say it was the very librarians that ran it. Why they would aid in the destruction of the very building they are sworn to protect is anyone’s guess. They too stepped into the portal. Soon the strange-looking man seemed to snap out of his trance, falling to one knee and clutching his head. He then seemed to shake it off, stood up and walked into the portal which promptly sealed behind him.

Authorities have nothing to say on the matter and will only comment that its an ongoing investigation.

Orville Pamlima

Traveling Scribe

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