Underworld in violent chaos!!

Two nights ago as of the writing of this article the most violent and blatant example of criminal violence occurred. In the past few months, there has been an increase of violent assaults on the average citizens of Elmerton up to and including kings guard and wayward travelers. However, that violence pales in comparison to what just occurred two nights ago.


Butchie Cavella, a man who was almost deemed to be a legend and nothing more made an appearance in public for the first time in many years. He made his way back into the public eye in an almost nightmarish fashion. He and a large group of Cavella family associates were seen on the edge of town by the main carriage road beating and slashing a group of 5 men. After killing four of them, Butchie grabbed the last remaining one alive by the throat and shouted out, “I am Butchie Cavella, the Cavella family is mine and mine alone. We fear no man and no law. Take notice, Mr. Motlow, this one’s for you.” He then caved in the skull of the man he was carrying and the group just walked away into the night. Four of the dead men were low level associates of the Motlow crime family. One was a man who held rank in the Motlow crime family. Vinnie “the groin” Flasamenchensia was the unfortunate man who had his skull caved in.


After a short period of peace that lasted almost a year, the last two months have been marred by gang violence that seems to be coming from all sides of the underworld. Kidnapping, Slave trading, murder, and robbery are starting to rise and it appears that there may very well be a full fledged war in the underworld. Butchie Cavella making himself known shows how serious things are starting to become.


All citizens are advised to stay aware and report any criminal activity.


Kisren Mirebun
Royal Information Service.