Magestry’s Best of 2014

Here were Magestry’s Best of 2014 Superlative Winners! Congratulations!

Principle- Certificate, 50 BP Prize and a 50 BP cap increase

Best Role-Player (PC)– Mike Kinnally (Solun)

Best Boffer Fighter (PC)- Myk Meyer (Jack Garren)

Most Fun Person to Fight (PC)- Anthony LaRosa (Majento)

Best Costume(s)/Props (PC)- Dawn Coolidge (Lamia)

Rookie of the Year (PC)- Cutler Kindel (Fallon)

Anthony LaRosa Service Award (Most Valuable PC)- Stephen Pulaski (Cael)/Steph Lindquist

Supporting Categories- Certificate, 25 BP Prize (no cap increase)

The Unsung Hero- Kenny Rocci (Azareth)

The Thinker of the Year– Andy Doucette (Rybin VanHolt)

The Doer of the Year- Shawn Robbins (Normoron)

Most Inspiring- Artie Cote (Simon)

Town Scoundrel- [skoun-druh’l] Marque Sterling (Sebastian)

Good Samaritan- Jesse Lemieux (Sandow)

NPC Categories- Fame! Infamy! A Certificate!

Rookie of the Year (NPC)- Cara Backman

Best Role-Player (NPC)- Nick Donoghue

Favorite Plot- Shadow Consorts/Shadow War

Favorite Villain- Rebby Skye

Favorite NPC- Mama

Most Feared NPC- Moon Monster

Most Fun Staff Member to Fight- Johnny LeBlanc