Fae Houses in Uproar!

The Fae Realm is in an uproar due to the recent actions of the fae Queen of House Tierian. Over the course of the last year, House Tierian has become more and more chaotic as they witness the decline of the mental and emotional state of their Queen, Queen Leanhaun. Reportedly this began after the Ayslee celebration in the 122nd year of the Age of Fortune. Leanhaun, having left the Fae Realm to celebrate on Magesta, returned in a state of pure wrath, killing and injuring many of her subjects before ordering the kidnap and imprisonment of dozens of human men. The men were brought to her private chambers, and though none there will bear witness to the atrocities committed, many say the walls of the palace echoed for days with agonized screams.

However, to the subjects of House Tierian, this was better than what was to come. As the Festival of Souls meandered through Boneharvest, Queen Leanhaun began a transformation that would allegedly leave her unrecognizable to her subjects. She left the Fae Realm for an undisclosed location, abandoning rule of her house for many months (by Magestic Reckoning), and leaving it in a state of nearly unbridled chaos. When she returned, she had changed so much that few of her subjects even recognized her as their Queen.

Since that time, her grasp of leadership in her own house has been tenuous at best, and it is only with the help of a few loyal fae that she has managed to maintain it at all. Even those helping her say it is a struggle to maintain any sort of rule over the house;

“She doesn’t care about anything and she exudes an aura of apathy and despair. Most days she refuses even to leave her chambers. It is not fitting behavior for a fae, nevermind a Queen… but… uh, don’t tell her I said that!”

But her apathetic disposition is not the worst of it. In the last few weeks, after leaving the Fae Realm to wander Magesta proper, Queen Leanhaun is reported to have pledged her allegiance and that of House Tierian to the Vampire Queen Amphelise. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she has allegedly promised this Queen of Abominations a welcome place in the Fae Realm! Though her allegiance has not been solidified as of yet, it is the fear of all the Fae Houses that she intends to complete the necessary ritual during the Festival of Souls, using the ritualistic powers of the Ayslee ceremonies to empower it further.

It is my hope that this letter will serve to give people warning so that her plans may not succeed. It is my hope that my writings can serve to hold House Tierian together until such time as a new Queen is established or Leanhaun is returned to her former self. I will do what I can from my end; will you not help from yours?

Caressa Del Finn

Story Queen of Tuath’Caire

Battlekeep Aids Against War King

For the last few months, the Battlekeep Army has kept a support line open to the town and outposts of Northwatch. Though Northwatch is an official holding of the throne of Irvanshire, which has no true authority over the independent holdings of Battlekeep, many thousands of troops and hundreds of wagons of supplies have been sent to aid the effort against a growing number of packs of roaming raiders.


Occasional raids have always been a part life for the people dwelling in the far northlands of Irvanshire, but since the summer, the number of raiders has grown outrageously, and they have begun to band together under a common banner. It is the banner of one who calls himself the War King. The War King’s purpose seems to be simple conquest, but only time will show how much land he wants and how much he will win.

It is known that the War King has a stronghold in Castle Frostmarch, which was originally constructed over 10,000 years ago during the Age of War to commemorate the notable Battle for Frostmarch. In the time since it was built, it has sunken into the earth and had another castle built on top of it many times; at least 20, though some historians think it may be as many as 50. While Castle Frostmarch is a mere 10 miles from Pith Sinkum, the War King has largely left that city alone. For now, the bulk of his attention seems focused on Northwatch, though scouts report that they have seen his forces in many parts of eastern Irvanshire and as far north as the Kingdom of Kire Dero.

Be warned: The War King’s symbol is a shepherd’s crook crossed with a long spear.War King Symbol3j

PC Submission: Moonmergency!!

This moon, we mourn the loss of Matrius The Great, Powerful, and Handsome. He died late into the evening on the 12th of Reapingdusk when he was tragically struck in the head by an enormous meteor. There may have been pieces of the meteor stuck to his head, but it wasn’t like they were grafted to his skin.

raventreeWhen faced with this tragic news, the town sat slack jawed and wide eyed like we were staring at a common shovel in the damn store. We ask that you wear white in mourning as opposed to the traditional black so you don’t hinder the moons reflective properties.

He is survived by an enormous monster from the moon and his three very best friends.

PC Submission: Long Live the Queen!

vampire face

Elmerton, this is a warning:  Lay down your stakes and worship the real Queen. Queen Amphelise is the one and only.  You know as well as I do that she cannot be killed. She cannot be defeated. You risk your lives, those of your friends and of the innocents in the area in your futile attempt of this fool’s quest. If you stake the Queen be prepared to suffer for rest of your lives. Long live the Queen!

PC Submission: Concori Elmerton to Meet Again


The Elmerton Mages’ Guild has grown quiet for the last couple of moons but it does not rest.  We will be holding a meeting at midnight as Gatheringday turns to Wakingday.  All those who consider themselves members should be in attendance.  Additionally, those of you who may not yet have joined but are interested should attend to make your interest known.  We have much to discuss.  As usual, dues are one silver to attend.  Your dues support guild activities and is kept for times of great need.

As a reminder, the Elmerton Mages’ guild currently and temporarily known as Concori Elmerton, is dedicated to the advancement of all mages in our community, the study of magics and magical phenomenon and the safety of the town, guild and Magesta as a whole.



PC Submission: Ayslee and the Season of Remembrance are Upon Us

The summer grows old and feeble like thousands of summers before.  The faelings lay exhausted, their tireless efforts resulting in a thriving forest, bountiful harvest and months of warmth and joy. However, their efforts have left them too tired to make the trek home.  As is often the case, we are in a position to assist.  Having enjoyed the fruits of their labor, let us do them the favor of ushering them from our world.

Ayslee is not a celebration.  It is a solemn time of remembrance of the losses we have suffered, in their entirety but especially over the last year.  We have lost friends and family, seen strangers fall when we might have saved them, left behind parts of ourselves and in some cases had our perceptions of self obliterated.

So we meet as we do every Ayslee, at the Fae circle on Wakingday.  This year, the intention is to begin after dusk around 10pm.  The time will be somewhat flexible to accommodate certain surprises that may have been promised by certain Queens.  The time will be announced before the ritual begins.  You should come with a fae doll and an attitude befitting of a ritual of loss.

Last year we went beyond the standard ritual to honor Fae of watery decent by burning a doll in a paper boat upon the lake.  This year, we will be honoring the air or earth as determined by nature herself.

Join us in the grief of goodbye.



PC Submission: Words of Hope from Osirus Mesmirum

People of Magesta,

The Festival of Souls looms before us and with it comes one of the greatest threats this world has ever known. During the festival Queen Amphelise of the first Vampire house will attempt to gain access the Elder Realm. She will try to do this within the boundaries of Elmerton. If she is successful, she will obtain access to virtually limitless power. Our very existence will be altered according to her own dark designs. Among her many unspeakable plans she intends to remove all weakness from vampires and plunge Magesta into a world of eternal darkness and terror.

I speak for the town of Elmerton when I say that we will not stand idly by as she attempts to defile our world. I promise you that this festival of souls we will rise up together and meet her with unmatched force. She will rue the day that she underestimated us.

For those who do not already know, the only way to kill a vampire is with a stake coated in 10 pieces of silver. Elmertonians, if you can spare the silver I ask you to come prepared with as many stakes as you can to the festival. Together we will send countless Vampires on a one-way trip to the void.

Our time grows short and within this next moon we will all be tested. We will all be forced to make sacrifices.  I have faith that together we will persevere and Magesta will live to see a new dawn, unchanged by the dark images of a twisted Queen. Elmerton, it is and always has been my greatest honor to fight by your side. I promise you that I will give everything that I possibly can to ensure our victory over the forces of darkness. All that I ask is that you fight beside me and we will make this Festival of Souls one to remember. Elmerton stands ready Amphelise, the next move is yours.

For Elmerton, For Magesta,

-Osirus Mesmirum-

Jail Break!

This past week several guards at the Veilhaven maximum security prison were found dead on the prison grounds!


One guard, Bern Pisky was coming back inside from his break when he saw the tragedy before him. “I just don’t understand who would do something like this.” Says Pisky “These are all good men and women. They help protect Irvanshire by keeping these scum out of the streets”. Luckily for Pisky, all of the prisoners remained locked away in their cells, with the exception of one individual named Mason Mikal who managed to escape from solitary confinement. Further investigations are being done as to what exactly could have done so much damage in such little time.

Local authorities believe whoever was helping Mason to escape is extremely dangerous. Any information on the whereabouts of Mason Mikal or his lackies are urged to contact Sergent Becker Ramsey as soon as possible.


-Snozza Bowrinkle Agent of Community

Queen Amphelise Courting the Old Gods!

Never did I imagine I would put the following words to paper: Morkanthos, the Incarnation of Pestilence and near-eternal adversary to the Fellowship of Gwendolar, did the right thing.


The Vampire Queen, Amphelise, approached Morkanthos and asked for his allegiance. Who knows why he turned it down? I have to assume it was something like pride or arrogance or jealousy or another equally petty compulsion that caused him to rebuff her advances. Regardless of the reason, he did decline and the Queen…well, the word is, she assaulted the minor incarnation, murdered no small number of his followers, placed him in some sort of stasis, and simply left.

Now, the Fellowship is no longer the passive organization it once was. We keep track of our enemies and I can say with surety: this actually happened. And because of it, the Knights of Nocturne are gone. Perhaps they are in hiding? Perhaps, without their lord, they have disbanded? I can’t say for sure. But I do know that no one has seen nor heard from them since. They have all but disappeared.

What I do know is that Amphelise also approached Gwendolar and was similarly turned away. I don’t know if she tried to attack The Lady or not. While I’m sure Amphelise felt insulted, testing her abilities against a Major Incarnation would certainly have been foolish – so maybe she thought wiser of it.

What’s my point? Anyone reading this now remembers Morkanthos before he took the mantle of Pestilence. But how can many recall that just a century ago, Gwendolar was a goddess before she was Nature? Amphelise has been spotted all the way over in Swardia. For the sake of those who believe Rael is still alive, I hope she didn’t find what she was looking for in those mountains (the irony of a vampire searching out a sun deity is not lost on me).

Irvanshire, I believe Ampehlise is seeking out the old gods of Magesta. I don’t know what her angle is or why they are important to her. I just know that she must not be allowed to get what she wants.

– Revered Master Picco Wryn, Agent of Nature


Commander Brandal Mcconnel Struck Dead!

In the early morning hours on the 12th day of Reapingdusk Commander Brandal Mcconnel of the Sons of Alaric was killed in the midst of heavy combat while on a mission that the Sons of Alaric has deemed top secret. A letter was given to me today, the contents of which I will reveal here:

To our friends, and our Brothers and Sisters in arms:
Just this past moon while a mission- the details of which I will not reveal- our beloved commander, Brandal Mcconnel, was killed in action. Already hobbled and badly injured from the soul wound he received many moons ago, Brandal still bravely lead the charge against a terrible enemy.

It was a long and terrible fight that drained the abilities and energies of many of fine warriors. In the end when the smoke cleared and all was said and done, Brandal lay dead on the field of victory by the hand of Siegfried of Gothrok. A few days after the incident, Siegfried confronted the Sons of Alaric, his glowering visage made even more terrifying by his intense anger. It appears that the vampire known as Queen Amphelise had managed to control the Incarnation of Evil for a short time in order him to have him do her bidding. It seems as though Amphelise wanted the mission that the Sons of Alaric were on to fail so utterly that the group, and those who worked with them, would be completely broken. Though Siegfried did not display regret for his actions, his anger at Amphelise’s blasphemous control of the Incarnation he worships, not to mention using him to do her dirty work, was palpable as he relayed his story. After explaining his actions, the Hierophant hopped away.

Brandal’s death was one of a true warrior and his final fight was one that showed his heroism and his care for those who fought alongside him. He died as he lived- selflessly thinking only of those that he swore to defend and in conflict against those who wish to bring pain and destruction to the people and the world he loved. In his final words he made the following proclamations:

1. General Edgel Alaricson from now on will be known as Commander Alaricson. He is now the total leader of all divisions of the Sons of Alaric worldwide.

2. Special agent Bianca Fisher will be promoted to General of the Sons of Alaric mother branch. She will go by the title of General Fisher.

After struggling to make his intentions known for the SOA, Brandal took one final tired breath and exhaled. He then passed on.

Brandal was one of the bravest men I have ever met and I have no doubt he has earned his place in the hall of heroes. He, along with Pollard our founder, Alaric, and all of our fallen agents, will never be forgotten by the SOA and many others around the world. I also want to take this time to thank and appreciate the heroes of the small township of Elmerton. Many of our missions would have failed if not for your help and dedication to our various causes. In particular, the following people risked life and limb in order to retrieve and return Brandal’s sword to the Sons of Alaric, and we are truly grateful for their help: Ulysses, Nogard, Raelynne, Magno, and Tala.

Elmerton will always have the thanks and help of the Sons of Alaric. This town is a shining example to the rest of the world what a group of like-minded people can achieve regardless of the odds. Your bravery is the very fabric of legend.

We must now prepare for the funeral of our Commander. We will also have a small remembrance ceremony for him in Elmerton at the beginning of Boneharvest during the Festival of Souls. All are invited and the details will be announced shortly before it begins.

Thank you all,

General Bianca Fisher

The letter ended there I attempted to get in touch with Commander Alaricson with no luck. I will report on more details as I get them.

Tricia Ravenhope
Roving scribe and historian