Commander Brandal Mcconnel Struck Dead!

In the early morning hours on the 12th day of Reapingdusk Commander Brandal Mcconnel of the Sons of Alaric was killed in the midst of heavy combat while on a mission that the Sons of Alaric has deemed top secret. A letter was given to me today, the contents of which I will reveal here:

To our friends, and our Brothers and Sisters in arms:
Just this past moon while a mission- the details of which I will not reveal- our beloved commander, Brandal Mcconnel, was killed in action. Already hobbled and badly injured from the soul wound he received many moons ago, Brandal still bravely lead the charge against a terrible enemy.

It was a long and terrible fight that drained the abilities and energies of many of fine warriors. In the end when the smoke cleared and all was said and done, Brandal lay dead on the field of victory by the hand of Siegfried of Gothrok. A few days after the incident, Siegfried confronted the Sons of Alaric, his glowering visage made even more terrifying by his intense anger. It appears that the vampire known as Queen Amphelise had managed to control the Incarnation of Evil for a short time in order him to have him do her bidding. It seems as though Amphelise wanted the mission that the Sons of Alaric were on to fail so utterly that the group, and those who worked with them, would be completely broken. Though Siegfried did not display regret for his actions, his anger at Amphelise’s blasphemous control of the Incarnation he worships, not to mention using him to do her dirty work, was palpable as he relayed his story. After explaining his actions, the Hierophant hopped away.

Brandal’s death was one of a true warrior and his final fight was one that showed his heroism and his care for those who fought alongside him. He died as he lived- selflessly thinking only of those that he swore to defend and in conflict against those who wish to bring pain and destruction to the people and the world he loved. In his final words he made the following proclamations:

1. General Edgel Alaricson from now on will be known as Commander Alaricson. He is now the total leader of all divisions of the Sons of Alaric worldwide.

2. Special agent Bianca Fisher will be promoted to General of the Sons of Alaric mother branch. She will go by the title of General Fisher.

After struggling to make his intentions known for the SOA, Brandal took one final tired breath and exhaled. He then passed on.

Brandal was one of the bravest men I have ever met and I have no doubt he has earned his place in the hall of heroes. He, along with Pollard our founder, Alaric, and all of our fallen agents, will never be forgotten by the SOA and many others around the world. I also want to take this time to thank and appreciate the heroes of the small township of Elmerton. Many of our missions would have failed if not for your help and dedication to our various causes. In particular, the following people risked life and limb in order to retrieve and return Brandal’s sword to the Sons of Alaric, and we are truly grateful for their help: Ulysses, Nogard, Raelynne, Magno, and Tala.

Elmerton will always have the thanks and help of the Sons of Alaric. This town is a shining example to the rest of the world what a group of like-minded people can achieve regardless of the odds. Your bravery is the very fabric of legend.

We must now prepare for the funeral of our Commander. We will also have a small remembrance ceremony for him in Elmerton at the beginning of Boneharvest during the Festival of Souls. All are invited and the details will be announced shortly before it begins.

Thank you all,

General Bianca Fisher

The letter ended there I attempted to get in touch with Commander Alaricson with no luck. I will report on more details as I get them.

Tricia Ravenhope
Roving scribe and historian

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