PC Submission: Words of Hope from Osirus Mesmirum

People of Magesta,

The Festival of Souls looms before us and with it comes one of the greatest threats this world has ever known. During the festival Queen Amphelise of the first Vampire house will attempt to gain access the Elder Realm. She will try to do this within the boundaries of Elmerton. If she is successful, she will obtain access to virtually limitless power. Our very existence will be altered according to her own dark designs. Among her many unspeakable plans she intends to remove all weakness from vampires and plunge Magesta into a world of eternal darkness and terror.

I speak for the town of Elmerton when I say that we will not stand idly by as she attempts to defile our world. I promise you that this festival of souls we will rise up together and meet her with unmatched force. She will rue the day that she underestimated us.

For those who do not already know, the only way to kill a vampire is with a stake coated in 10 pieces of silver. Elmertonians, if you can spare the silver I ask you to come prepared with as many stakes as you can to the festival. Together we will send countless Vampires on a one-way trip to the void.

Our time grows short and within this next moon we will all be tested. We will all be forced to make sacrifices.  I have faith that together we will persevere and Magesta will live to see a new dawn, unchanged by the dark images of a twisted Queen. Elmerton, it is and always has been my greatest honor to fight by your side. I promise you that I will give everything that I possibly can to ensure our victory over the forces of darkness. All that I ask is that you fight beside me and we will make this Festival of Souls one to remember. Elmerton stands ready Amphelise, the next move is yours.

For Elmerton, For Magesta,

-Osirus Mesmirum-

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