Sacred Text Stolen!


In what is being called one of the Greatest Heists in the Age of Fortune, the Sacred Text known as the Evertome was stolen from a highly guarded and protected area of the Tavern With No Name on the 16th day of Reapingdusk. The thief or thieves left no trace of their presence and none of the guards saw or heard anything out of the ordinary that night. Owner and proprietor of TTWNN, Sonny McGuinness, was out of the kingdom on business during this time and was irate upon finding that the priceless artifact had been stolen. He has sent out scouts to find information regarding the robbery, the whereabouts of the book, or any other information about the events of that night.

However, Mr. McGuinness’ reaction is calm and cool as compared to that of the inhabitants of the Elroliad Cloisters. Master Curator Sofus Tessel is desperate to retrieve the Cloisters’ most revered artifact and rewards are being offered for any and all information that could lead to the return of the Evertome. Though this is not the first time in the histor

If you have any information that could lead to the retrieval of the Evertome, please contact Sonny McGuinness at the Tavern With No Name or Master Curator Sofus Tessel at the Elroliad Cloisters in the Icewind Mountains. y of the Sacred Text that attempts have been made to steal it, it is the only successful attempt and then only one done with such efficiency and in such complete secrecy.

Portal Authority Alert Bulletin

Over the past several weeks there have been occurrences of improper portal anchor usage and high volumes of portal traffic. Reports of unusual creatures coming through portals and terrorizing innocent people have been pouring into our offices with alarming frequency. The Portal Authority would like to assure you that we have increased portal anchor security and inspections in an effort to curb unlawful portal transportation.

Those living near a portal anchor are advised to be vigilant and report any unusual activity. If you do come in contact with one of these extremely dangerous creatures, we urge you to not engage. We repeat, do not engage any aggressive entities that might come through a portal. We advise that you contact the Portal Authority immediately; someone will be there to assist you in 3 to 5 days. We also recommend finding a safe and secure place to hide and to pray to the Incarnations for this madness to cease.

If anyone has any related information, they are encourage to contact the Portal Authority in Tradegate. The proper and lawful use of the portal anchor system and your safety are our top priority.

Portal Authority

A Cry for Persistance Assistance

Dear Elvertonitions,

I write to you under great digress distress. It it my lazy… no, daisy,…no, hazy, yes, hazy understand that I gave you something that was very important to you. I do not remember what I gave you but I do remember that after it was given I became full of dill. I became… very ill. I will not describe my ailments to spare readers with weak constellations constitutions. I can say that I have been having bad streams, uh, dreams, in the rare moments when I have been able to fall asleep.



I am begging that you pay me one last biscuit. I do not like biscuits but please pay me one last visit and reverse the damage you have caused. I want the nightmares to vanish and my sanity to return. In addition to allowing you to correct your snakes mistakes, made at my expense, I think I have something important to tell you. After you have done your good deed, I will promptly change my name, move away and hope to never smell… actually yes, smell or see you again.

Yours Unruly,

Robin Pennywhistle
Robert Sweetthistle

Robin Sweetthistle

Finding The Lost: Two to Go!


I wanted to thank you for your efforts in assisting my brother, Myrmidon Xanford last Fortuneday the 13th. Your courage, strength and wisdom are qualities well-known throughout Irvanshire and you proved them all to my brother and I. Some of you are aware of what taking down that battle standard meant. For those who do not, heed my words: this is not over. From my understanding we have two more battle standards to take down and they will not be as easy a feat as the first one.

You may have heard rumors of Agents of War now being called “The Lost”. These poor souls have been controlled to join the Nightmare War on the side of Mr. Hi. They are my brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Your instinct may be to spare them when you meet on the field, but I fear they are too dangerous to be kept alive. Not only is it exceptionally easy for a Warlord to heal our unconscious comrades, but I have also learned that some nightmare blessing has them regenerating. Let me warn you: they will fight you the hardest they can. If Lord Vorkarian chooses to send them back they may regret their actions, but they will be proud of the battle. As we say, “Experience is shown in bruises and blood.”

Lastly, there were other rumors circulating that the Incarnation of War himself has joined sides with Mr. Hi. I can assure you that this is not true. We believe these Battle Standards are keeping the Incarnation himself asleep and that Mr. Hi has put these agents into a sleep-walking type of control. We know how to destroy these standards. Beating up bar tenders was for once, not the solution.

We will be in touch, Elmerton, I expect the rickshaw to be repaired the next time my brother and I are in town.


Praise War!

-Deanndra Karusk,
Agent of War

Magestry’s Best Of Reapingdusk 2013

Here are our picks for the Best of the October 11th-13th event:

Best PC starReapingdusk’s Best PC is one of our veterans who has consistently shown us a great performance at game, but outdid himself this time. Chris Vater really got into character this game as Kraven and showed both PCs and NPCs the best of his best. From engaging in intense honor combat with demons, to his spot-on role playing the whole event, to helping out after the game was over, Chris demonstrated many of the qualities we like to see in our PCs. Thanks, Chris, and Congrats!

Best NPC star

This moon’s Best NPC, Mark Vadney spent his whole summer (and a load of his own cash) on creating an amazing costume and great prop for this event, and practiced with it to ensure his safety and that of the PCs. His monster looked amazing, and his performance as the creature was rock solid. Behind the scenes, he was helpful and positive, helping us to work through the chaos and get our game on. Thanks, Mark! Awesome job!

124th Annual Brewers’ Guild Festival Imminent

brewer keg roomAre you a brewer? Do you dabble in wines and ales or are you simply an “active observer” in the whole brewing process (especially the end results)? No matter what your interest is in brewing, you will want to be at the 124th Annual Brewers’ Festival! The Brewers’ Guild of Irvanshire is once again sponsoring the Brewers’ Festival and Auctions. This year will see the majority of the Festival happening in the beautiful city of Raldo’s Refuge. The Tradesmen’s Auction and the Amateur Brewers’ Competition will be held at the Roots and Branches Inn and Tavern on the 19th of Reapingdusk, while the Brewmaster’s “By Invitation Only” Auction will be held in a private manor house North of Bloomingport on the 20th of Reapingdusk. Closing Ceremonies will be held at the Golden Warrior Inn on the night of the 20th night of Reapingdusk. We hope that you will join us for what is sure to be a good time!

Noz Mineez Meenz Noz Kandeez!

sad candy cornPeepzeez of Irvanshire and allest da landzeez beeyondzeez! Itzeez wit saddestest marshmallow fayzeez and teerfullest gumdrop hartzeez dat weez da Sugar Plum Fayz of the Kandeez Korn Mountainz komzeez tooz yoozeez wit da mostestest terribleez newzeez! Weez may not beez able tooz vizits yooz dis yeerzeez on da Festeez of Souleez for dis pastest yeerzeez haz beenz badzeez and weez findeez useses wit no mineez tooz vizits yooz townzeez and homezeez wit dis yeerzeez. Sadleez, dis also meenz weez no beez ablezeez tooz passes out aneez of our yummeez in yooz tummeez kandeez either tooz all weez vizits. If yooz knoz of aneez kidzeez betweenzeez da ageez of 5-10 hooz likezeez tooz bekomzeez a mineez and

sadcandypiece4getzeez tooz eetzeez lots and lots of yummee yummee kandeez, pleez find meez Lollee as soonzeez as  possibleezest beeforzeez itzeez tooz latezeez!!!!

Chocolate hugseez and kizzeez,
Lollee Von Popzeez