Jail Break!

This past week several guards at the Veilhaven maximum security prison were found dead on the prison grounds!


One guard, Bern Pisky was coming back inside from his break when he saw the tragedy before him. “I just don’t understand who would do something like this.” Says Pisky “These are all good men and women. They help protect Irvanshire by keeping these scum out of the streets”. Luckily for Pisky, all of the prisoners remained locked away in their cells, with the exception of one individual named Mason Mikal who managed to escape from solitary confinement. Further investigations are being done as to what exactly could have done so much damage in such little time.

Local authorities believe whoever was helping Mason to escape is extremely dangerous. Any information on the whereabouts of Mason Mikal or his lackies are urged to contact Sergent Becker Ramsey as soon as possible.


-Snozza Bowrinkle Agent of Community

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