A Cry for Persistance Assistance

Dear Elvertonitions,

I write to you under great digress distress. It it my lazy… no, daisy,…no, hazy, yes, hazy understand that I gave you something that was very important to you. I do not remember what I gave you but I do remember that after it was given I became full of dill. I becameā€¦ very ill. I will not describe my ailments to spare readers with weak constellations constitutions. I can say that I have been having bad streams, uh, dreams, in the rare moments when I have been able to fall asleep.



I am begging that you pay me one last biscuit. I do not likeĀ biscuits but please pay me one last visit and reverse the damage you have caused. I want the nightmares to vanish and my sanity to return. In addition to allowing you to correct your snakes mistakes, made at my expense, I think I have something important to tell you. After you have done your good deed, I will promptly change my name, move away and hope to never smell… actually yes, smell or see you again.

Yours Unruly,

Robin Pennywhistle
Robert Sweetthistle

Robin Sweetthistle