Families Displaced in Great Frostwood

Reports from the Great Frostwood indicate that soldiers clad in orange tabards displaying the spear and crook of the warmonger known as the War King have been displacing communities there.  Towns surrounding the Frostwood are getting increased traffic from migrants, straining their own ability to operate and feed their citizens, despite this year’s bountiful harvest.  When approached for an official statement, House Windlock, under whose jurisdiction much of the Great Frostwood falls, reports that no one is being forced from their homes, and anyone travelling under their own volition are welcome to do so pursuant to the internal migration policies of the Kingdom of Irvanshire.

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One Response to Families Displaced in Great Frostwood

  1. Fallyn Morrigan (Cutler) says:

    Ugh! The Windlock Have some Nerve coming around here! I do not care if they Nobles or not, they do not have the right to do such a thing! I swear if I see one, I will do my best to kill that “Pezzo di merda”!

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