The Magestream Episode 1-4

On this Episode, we’ll Clarify Area-Based spells, find out whether or not Tom Law gets SPELLED on Wait, Wait, Don’t Spell Me, bask in the dulcet tones of Andy Doucette as he tells a classic stove lory for our Command: Perform segment, and then join Rybin in his comfy leather chair as he answers your questions in Ask Rybin Anything. Finally, we’ll finish off this Episode by learning about the Incarnations and the Allegiant.

Thank you to Tom Law, Scott Slater, Nick Donoghue, and Dave Kopchick for being participants on our Trivia Segment. Thanks to Arvilli, Silver, and Sa’id for submitting questions for Rybin to Answer, and thanks to the Order of the Ebon Wolves for sponsoring today’s show! Want to be a part of the show, you can send questions, feedback, and performances to [email protected]

Most of the sound effects you hear on today’s show are from

Our theme music was written and performed by Sam Rochford. You can find more of her music at Thanks, Sam!

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