The Magestream Episode 1-3

In this slightly lengthier episode, you’ll be treated to an hour of Magestic goodness where we’ll talk to one of our creative artisans, Karen Hobbes, in our Profession: Artisan segment; we’ll delve into Magesta’s Shadow War, and you’ll hear Game Master, Paul Dabkowski, sing Dun Ringill (written by Jethro Tull). Rybin will then extrapolate the possible number of cupcakes a human soul is worth in Ask Rybin Anything and then tell you who you can ask to get services from and finally we’ll discuss Irvanshirian Nobility.

You can see some of Karen’s work at…

Thanks to Caleb and Sam for their questions for Rybin and to Kristen Jacobsen for her suggestion to learn more about Irvanshirian Nobility. Thanks, too, to Paul for his submission to our Command: Perform segment.

And thank you again to Sam Rochford for composing our theme music. You can find more of Sam’s music at

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