Allegiant Invoke Right of Perdition


It is with heavy-heart that I survey the state of our nation. The undead awaken, and would claim our home as theirs. They kill our sons and daughters. They take what they please and ignore everything we as a people have struggled to create.

Our lands are constantly troubled by one thing or another, it is true. Always, we have been able to rely on the great houses of Irvanshire to keep us safe. Not so with this new threat. The vampires have our noble families under their sway. They use foul magic to twist their wisdom and skew their justice.

Many think the Incarnations are the first priority of the Allegiant, but that is not so. Our first duty is to those who would serve our patrons: the people. We exist to lift up the common man and guide the nobles. We promote the people so they may promote the Incarnations. But the vampires slay the common man! They ensorcell the noble! These monsters dare to call themselves kings and queens. They disregard our laws and toss away the society we built.

In times of uncertainty, when the path we are on is fraught with tribulation and our destination can only be ruin, we must invoke the Right of Perdition. In these times, the Allegiant must step-up. We will not let these usurpers rule us! They do not revere our lords, nor the Incarnations! The only things they worship are themselves.

We will not stand idly by. We invoke the Right of Perdition. Those villages and towns that miss the gaze of the great noble families of Irvanshire will now look to the Allegiant as their leaders. Already the orcs of Hatchport look to their Minister to command them. Already the gnomes in Craftshire have found succor in our open hands. While House Lav’Endros looks inward, we look to Elmerton. While House Camis and Falstoke ignore not only the raiders of the Lakeshires, but now also the vampire menace, we create a ministry in each hamlet. Soon Port Hensworth will be able to count on us. Soon Lakedale.

The Allegiant call ourselves the Head, the Hand, and the Heart. But you Irvanshire, you are the rest. You are the Arms, out-stretched and welcoming. You are the Feet, ever advancing. You are the Back, upon which this nation was built. You are the Eyes, and you can all see the blight that is consuming our land.

This does not bring me joy. I am not happy to have to call upon the Right. But I will do so with pride and honor, because Irvanshire deserves no less.

-Valvik Gallows, Incarnist of All Incarnations,
Arch-Minster of the The Allegiant of Irvanshire

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One Response to Allegiant Invoke Right of Perdition

  1. Samson says:

    Perhaps the scribe could better describe the full intent and ramifications of the “Right of Perdition”, for all of us common folk who might not know what it entails.

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