A Terrible Accident!

In the early morning hours of the 30th day of Bloodthaw, a carriage bringing servants of the Noble HouseMountain pass of Windlock, tragically drove off of a cliff in the Icewind Mountains, killing all on board. The area known as Barley Pass has been the scene of such tragedy before. The tricky mountain road is also the quickest trade route through this area, so skilled carriage drivers are known to attempt it even with the risk.

All that is known about this accident so far is that there were 5 Windlock servants and the carriage driver on board. House Windlock expresses deep sorrow for those that died and will publicly acknowledge them by name in a memorial service once the bodies are recovered, if that is possible. This was truly a sad and horrific incident.

Weird Woodtrolls in the Woods

All Vigilant Citizens of Irvanshire,

I hope your winter was warm and restful, and you were able to spend time with loved ones. The Great Frostwood had a rather mild winter, with only a handful of snowfalls, which was a welcome contrast from the last few years, let me tell you.

But, alas, I wish the reason for this open letter was to bring you all nothing but good tidings, but I fear it is not. Some of you may remember my entreaty for citizens in the wooded areas of Irvanshire to stay watchful for any strange activities regarding migrating wood trolls. For almost the entirety of this winter, wood troll activity around my compound has been almost non-existent. I had begun to ease in my wariness, attributing the recent behavior of the trolls as some strange fluke, and was ready to put the matter to rest.

Until last week, that is.

I had just returned home from a survey in a nearby grove, and was sitting at my kitchen table while drinking some tea and thinking about the upcoming bloom, when my front door was shattered by a tremendous crash as two wood trolls entered my house! Now, anyone who has ever dealt with this manner of creature can immediately understand how off-putting this situation was in which I found myself; two wood trolls INSIDE my house. As I readied my axes to dispatch them, I also couldn’t help notice that, at first glance, these trolls looked…off. Sick, even. It was when I engaged in combat with them that my suspicions were further aroused. These trolls employed none of the usual tactics typically used by their kind, and it was clear that, under more intense study, large patches of mold and fungus appeared to be growing in and on their bodies. They almost…looked dead entirely.

As I beheaded them with my axes, I was greeted with one final surprise. Instead of lying there motionless, the bodies of the wood trolls convulsed violently for a few moments and then exploded; showering both myself and the inside of my home with a noxious, viscous fluid. It was toxic enough to make me vomit a few times and feel a bit of fatigue, however, I’ve also built up an immunity to various poisons, so I’m not entirely sure what effect it would have on people without said immunity.

It is my belief, at this point, that the wood trolls were not migrating north for some unknown reason; rather, I believe they were fleeing whatever malady seems to have befallen them, much like normal wildlife would flee an encroaching forest fire. Over the next few days, I heard reports from several other colleagues of mine that they, too, had had similar experiences. One had even mentioned fighting off a HUMAN with similar symptoms.

Something terrible is upon us. I don’t know where it came from, but, I only see it getting worse from here. If any of you folks are brave enough while encountering these afflicted wood trolls, I am seeking out collected pieces of various molds and fungi to further research, and welcome deliveries of these objects at my estate in The Great Frostwood.

Until this is resolved, be wary. Travel in numbers. And keep an eye to the woods.
-Arados Holfax, Woodwarden of The Great Frostwood

Spring Brings Unusual Animal Activity to Elmerton

A Warning to the citizens of Elmerton

Citizens of Elmerton:

As of late the animals and various other beings that live in the woods around your great town have started becoming rather aggressive. In the past month alone three people have lost their lives to animal attacks in these woods. We at the Fledgar’s Fellers are doing what we can to keep the animals at bay, but there is only so much we can do and many from our company have been injured as well, preventing them from being able to work.

We wanted to warn you of these dangers in the deep woods area and advise you to stick to the main roads when at all possible. If you have a sword, bow or any other type of weapon to defend yourself please keep it with you at all times.

We are working to resolve this issue, and are searching for a source of the animals’ hostility and abrupt change in behaviors. No doubt it has something to do with the various “problems” Elmerton has faced recently. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for all of your help and please stay safe. We will all get through this together.

Lynnette Ilsfirmg
Assistant Project Manager
FLedgar's Fellers Symbol Color

Sons of Alaric Seeking Help

Please read and take heed my friends!!!


I am Kurtis Brightmark, the librarian and official record keeper for the Sons of Alaric- Kingdom of Irvanshire Mother Chapter. As some of you may have heard by now, one of the biggest enemies of not only our group, but humanity itself, was the vile Garland Decedres. He was one of the three founders of Project:Deadma,n and by far the most mentally unstable. Project:Deadman and its success, until the combined efforts of the SOA and Elmerton brought it down, was not his ultimate goal. He wished to become an incarnation and very nearly pulled it off. After his death at the hands of the heroes of Elmerton and the eventual destruction of Project:Deadman, most figured his evil was wiped from the face of our world. We were wrong. His son, a man by the name of Dedrick, still draws breath after being freed from an SOA jail. On top of that, a journal Garland kept seems to have been scattered across all of Irvanshire and possibly even beyond. These pages could contain terrifying power and long lost dark arts. Please, if you stumble across anything that you think may even be a page, please report it to the local magistrate or to the nearest manor house.

Thank you for your attention,

Stay safe and be well,

Kurtis Brightmark

A Chill in the Boneyard

It was a normal day in my little roadside inn- the Murmuring Monk, at least it seemed like it was going to be, until she walked in. I was cleaning things up from last night’s guests and getting ready for the folks that usually come in the morning when I noticed a strange lass walk in- almost like she was lost. She sat next to the hearth, the embers still glowing from the night before, and asked if I could get the fire going again. I thought this strange since it has not been that cold in some time with this strange winter we have had. However, I stoked the fire and tossed on a log, telling her that if she needed more she could help herself. I didn’t count on her tossing on 4 more logs. Before long, the fire was roaring, but still the young lass tried to get closer to the fire. I let her be, figuring she would warm soon enough, and went back to my work and started getting the kitchen ready.

When I came back from the kitchen a while later, the young lass was still there, still keeping the fire blazing. I could see steam rising from her cloak, so I decided to get her some hot broth and some warm cider to try and help warm her. As I brought them to her and set them down she whispered, in a haunted voice, “Thank you,” her words leaving her seemingly frosted lips in a puff of cold vapor despite the blazing heat in the room.

“Are you ok, lass?” I asked, concerned. She continued to stare into the blazing hearth, like she was trying to burn images in it, and said “There are more tombstones… in the darkness… so many more tombstones.” Puzzled, I asked her to explain. Coming out of her reverie, she recounted her tale, short as it was:

“I like graveyards. I find them comforting, you know, and I’ve heard tales of this one. The Sacred Boneyard of Aegus the Emancipator. It’s supposed to be so grand and peaceful and ancient and everything a graveyard should be. So I went in, into the Boneyard. And it’s all true. It’s wonderful there. I walked around a bit, looking and reflecting on Death and I wandered over to a particularly dark corner of the Boneyard- a place that seemed overgrown. Almost as if the caretaker ha872621770_73f13e1e3b_bd neglected it for years and Nature had reclaimed it. That’s when I saw them- so many fresh graves. Some only holes in the ground- like they were waiting.

Normally it would mean nothing to me: Wars happen all the time and I’ve seen my share of all kinds of graves- freshly buried, empty, long since covered, but this was different. As I watched, my vision jolted and shifted and a previously empty grave would be filled in. Another jolt and a sense of vertigo and a name would appear on the stone. My vision shifted again and suddenly I was standing in a grave looking up as a young man with a strange haunted visage and pointed ears emptied a shovel full of dirt into my face. Panicked, I scrambled out of the grave and stumbled back towards the Boneyard gate.

As I looked back at those stones, it was like the chill of those graves crept into my very being before they disappeared into the darkness once more. I’ve had terrible nightmares since then and I cannot seem to get warm.” She shivered and sipped her cider. “I feel as though I will never be warm again.”

I myself felt chilled, but I told the lass that this area around the Bay had not seen war nor even a battle for years, and that an influx of that many deaths would have brought news to me, at least. Patting her on the shoulder, I tried to comfort her, “It must have been your imagination, lass.”

She looked at me distantly and shook her head. “No, sir. It wasn’t my imagination. I see them die in my nightmares. I don’t even know them. But in my dreams those graves are marked, marked in stone and in spirit, for the fallen heroes of Elmerton.” She sipped her cider once more and looked into my eyes for the first time. Visions of gruesome deaths, violent fights, and cold, dark graves filled my mind. Shaken, I broke our gaze and looked away. “I don’t even know them,” she whispered before falling silent.

I patted her on the shoulder and walked away, needing to do something to keep my mind off this encounter. By the time I had finished mopping the kitchen, she had finished what I had given her and left. She even left a nice tip. By and large, it was a strange way to start the day.

-Recounted by Virgil, Innkeeper at the Murmuring Monk

There is Still Work to be Done

The war goes on. The destruction of the well was a huge boon to our cause but not the death blow of enemy. Though they have fallen silent as of recently, many of our rebel cousins still live and many of their abominations still draw breath. Skye knew better than to make her monsters her last line of defense. Many of my bloodline have fallen to defeat those who wish to have our family name fall into infamy.
The war goes on, hopefully Elmerton will continue to help.
Bosephus Blackgate

Magestry’s Best of 2015

Here are the winners of Magestry’s Best of 2015! Congratulations, all!

Best Role-Player (PC)– This is the PC who you think did the best overall job of role-playing in 2014.

Alex Fabian (Dogwood)

Best Boffer Fighter (PC)- This is the PC you think was the safest, cleanest, most rules-conscious, and overall best boffer fighter in 2014.

Pete Dey (Silver)

Most Fun Person to Fight (PC)- This is the PC that you think was the most fun to fight, be it in single combat or in a group.

Pete Dey (Silver)

Best Costume(s)/Props (PC)- There are some great costumes out there. Whose do you think was the best this year?

Amanda Mooney (Mira)

Rookie of the Year (PC)- This is a player that started anytime in 2014 that you feel made the most positive impact at Magestry, whether in-game or out-of game. In order to be eligible for this prize, you need to have played at least 2 Magestry games during 2014. Our Rookies this year include the following players:

Sage Barton (Achille)

The Unsung Hero- This is the player character who, though he or she is often not in the spotlight, made a big difference to the game and the world around him/herself this year.

Kenny Rocci (Azareth)

The Thinker of the Year– This is the character most likely to think before he or she acts.

Andy Doucette (Rybin vanHolt)

The Doer of the Year- This is the character most likely to act before he or she thinks.

Sam Champagne (Arvilli)

Most Inspiring- This is the player character that you think is the most influential or inspiring to your character this year.

Steph Lindquist (Linarien)

Town Scoundrel- [skoun-druh’l] an unprincipled, dishonorable person; a villain- Which of our sweet, innocent townsfolk (PC) do you think best fits this description?

Marque Sterling (Sebastian Dark)

Good Samaritan- This character is constantly doing good for others and taking care of his or her town and its members for little to no reward.

Tonya Mathiason (Aralia)

Rookie of the Year (NPC)- This is the NPC that started anytime in 2014 that you feel made the most positive impact at Magestry, whether in-game or out-of game. In order to be eligible for this prize, you need to have started in 2014 and NPC’d at least 2 Magestry games during 2014. Our NPC Rookies this year include:

Sam Wagner

Best Role-Player (NPC)- This is the staff member that you think did the best overall job of role-playing in 2014.

Nick Donoghue

Favorite Plot- What was your favorite plot/storyline of 2014?

The Burrow

Favorite Villain- This villain may be well developed, she may be charismatic and charming, he may be mean as a snake and ugly to boot, but no matter what, he exhibits all the qualities that you have come to expect from the perfect villain. Who is it?

Carzon Sadzar

Favorite NPC- This is your favorite Non-Player Character (not staff member) that you have seen in game in 2014.


Most Feared NPC-   This character sends shivers down your spine when you think of him or her and makes you run for the hills (or under tables) when he or she comes out… Who is it?

Carzon Sadzar

Most Fun Staff Member to Fight- Which of our staff members was the most fun to fight this year?

Kyle Church

Anthony LaRosa Service Award: A special award voted on by the staff that awards the PC who really helped the game before, during, and after the events. This award goes to the PC who truly exemplifies what Magestry values in all of our players- Initiative, Helpfulness, Friendliness, Love of the Game, and Consistency in Attendance and Good Role-playing.

Sage Barton

Magestry NPC MVP Award: A special award voted on by the GMs that awards the NPC that truly exemplifies the traits Magestry looks for in its staff members. This NPC looks to help write plots, plays crunchies, wears masks and/or makeup whenever necessary, helps to set up and take down mods, and tries to be as helpful and inspiring to others as possible, all with a smile and a great attitude. Whoever you are, we want to clone you!!

Dave Kopchick

Magestry 2016 Winter Party Raffle

The Magestry Winter Party is less than 2 weeks away, and that means it is time to tell you about this year’s radical Raffle Prizes! But first, a bit about how the raffle works:

Raffle Tickets are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00, and you will earn one Brownie Point for every dollar you spend whether you win or lose the drawings. You may purchase raffle tickets online or at the party itself. To buy tickets online, go to Magestry.com, press the button labelled “$5 for 2 Tickets,” and select the number of pairs of tickets you would like to purchase.

You can buy tickets online until the party begins (3PM on Saturday, January 30). After that, you can purchase tickets at the party for the same price by seeing one of the GMs. (We will be able to accept cash, check, or credit.) If you can’t make it to the party but would still like to enter the raffle, you can instruct us as to which lots you would like your tickets to be put into by emailing [email protected]. The drawing will begin around 8:30pm on January 30th.

** Multiple Draw Categories**

All of the categories in the raffle will feature multiple drawings! This means that several winners will be drawn from each category. The first winner in each category will get what we have deemed the top prize, and each winner after that will receive prizes in descending order of distinction. For example, the first name drawn in the “Skill Points” category will win 75 skill points, while the second name drawn will win 50 skill points; etc. Each person will only be able to win once in each category. We will allow winners to trade their winning prize for a prize of less distinction if they wish. For example, if your name was drawn second in the “Divine Intervention” category, but you would rather have the 4th prize in the category, you may relinquish your 2nd Draw prize and take the 4th draw prize, instead. You may also trade prizes with someone after the party if you and the other person both agree, but you may not trade to end up with 2 prizes from the same category.

We rely on the Raffle to be Magestry’s best fundraiser of the year. It will determine what kinds of neato things we can do for the game in the coming 2 seasons, and we have big plans in the works, so please dig deep! Now, without further ado, allow us to introduce this year’s Winter Party Raffle prizes!

**Lot 1: Skill Points!**

-1st Draw: 75 Skill Points

-2nd Draw: 50 Skill Points

-3rd Draw: 45 Skill Points

-4th Draw: 40 Skill Points

-5th Draw: 35 Skill Points

-6th Draw: 30 Skill Points

-7th Draw: 25 Skill Points

-8th Draw: 25 Skill Points

-9th Draw: 25 Skill Points

-10th Draw: 25 Skill Points


**Lot 2: See That Glowing?**

For all of 2016, any weapon you wield is considered to be under the effect of one type of weapon enchantment spell (determined by the drawing you win). However, this effect is considered to have no Base Mode, meaning it will not prevent any other weapon enchantment from affecting your weapon. (Each individual attack may only carry one Effect Type as usual, but you can switch at will between the temporary enchantment, normal “Body” attacks, and the permanent enchantment from this prize.) This ability cannot be used in a Dampening Field, and if you are successfully affected by a Dampen or Dispel Magic effect, this ability will be shut off for 5 minutes.

-1st Draw: Spiritual Weapon

-2nd Draw: Psychic Weapon

-3rd Draw: Essence Weapon

-4th Draw: Fire Weapon

-5th Draw: Ice Weapon

-6th Draw: Lightning Weapon

-7th Draw: Acid Weapon


**Lot 3: Can-Do Attitude**

For all of 2016, you gain a particular skill as a Cantrip option (determined by the drawing you win).

-1st Draw: Dodge (except you will call “No Effect” instead of “Dodge” if using Dodge as a Cantrip)

-2nd Draw: Cure Wounds 2

-3rd Draw: Fire Flash (“Damage 2, Fire 0”)

-4th Draw: Damage Reduction 1

-5th Draw: Magic Shield

-6th Draw: Choose One Cantrip from Rulebook

-7th Draw: Choose One Cantrip from Rulebook


**Lot 4: Power, Knowledge, and Fame!**

-1st Draw: Incarnation for a Day! For a Saturday of the staff’s choosing, the station of one of the incarnations will slip away and mistakenly choose you as a host. How will you treat the worshippers and enemies who come looking for you? Your decisions will have a lasting impact.

-2nd Draw: Power Word, “Snooze”: One gesture-based casting of, “Sleep, Psychic 5.” (Must be used in 2016. If ineffective, the spell is returned to you, but you may not attempt it on the same target more than once in the same day.)

-3rd Draw: Become Private Enemy Number One! An organization, perhaps villainous and perhaps not, finds reason to hate you. Maybe it’s the fault of your long deceased ancestor. Maybe you just asked the wrong question and got too close to the truth. Whatever the reason, you’d better watch your back!

-4th Draw: Receive special knowledge about the current plotline of your choice. (Please notify Paul with your plotline choice at least one week before the event in which you wish to receive the information. This prize must be used in 2016.)

-5th Draw: Power Word, “SQUIRREL!”: One gesture-based casting of, “Confuse, Psychic 5.” (Must be used in 2016. If ineffective, the spell is returned to you, but you may not attempt it on the same target more than once in the same day.)


**Lot 5: Vinneus Plump’s Fanny Pack**

-1st Draw: Fistful of Crowns: Plunge one bare hand into a container of gold coins and pull out as many as you can (you may not throw them). Walk the coins across the hall, using only your one bare hand to hold them, and keep as many as you can drop into the waiting counting box. Any that you drop on the floor along the way are lost to you. (If you aren’t present for this drawing, you will automatically get another prize in this lot.)

-2nd Draw: Fistful of Nobles: Plunge one bare hand into a container of silver coins and pull out as many as you can (you may not throw them). Walk the coins across the hall, using only your one bare hand to hold them, and keep as many as you can drop into the waiting counting box. Any that you drop on the floor along the way are lost to you. (If you aren’t present for this drawing, you will automatically get another prize in this lot.)

-3rd Draw: 12 gold pieces

-4th Draw: 10 gold pieces

-5th Draw: 9 gold pieces

-6th Draw: 8 gold pieces

-7th Draw: 7 gold pieces

-8th Draw: 6 gold pieces

-9th Draw: 5 gold pieces


**Lot 6: Divine Intervention**

-1st Draw: One Wish Spell. If you find yourself in need of a wish, ask a GM if you can use this spell to get it. Certain things are obviously not possible with this spell, but we guarantee you will find a use that is well worth it.

-2nd draw: Learn an Add-On Skill in the school of your choice. (learned immediately)

-3rd Draw: A single event with a 4500 Skill Point character build of your choice to replace your normal character skills. (You must notify the GMs at least one week before you use this prize in-game and this prize must be redeemed in 2016.)

-4th Draw: Benefit from the spell Regeneration for an entire day of your choice. Dispel Magic at Power Level 3 or higher will turn this effect off for 10 minutes; though, if you die, you may proceed to benefit from it even after you return from Vorkarian. (You must notify the GMs at least one week before you use this prize in-game and this prize must be redeemed in 2016.)

-5th Draw: A single use of any skill from the Magestry Player’s Rulebook or from the Professions & Prestige rule supplement. (This prize must be redeemed in 2016. Please notify Paul by email after the game that you use it.)


**Lot 7: Potion Grab Bag (Alchemy and Toxicology Grades 6-10)**

(If you are not able to be at the party or will not be present for the drawing, we will have someone draw for you.)

-1st Draw: 8 pulls from the Grab Bag + Minor Magic Item (You work with the staff to design it!)

-2nd Draw: 7 pulls from the Grab Bag

-3rd Draw: 6 pulls from the Grab Bag

-4th Draw: 5 pulls from the Grab Bag

-5th Draw: 4 pulls from the Grab Bag

-6th Draw: 3 pulls from the Grab Bag


**Lot 8: Adventure Time!**

-Draws 1-3: A Tabletop Magestry Adventure!- That’s right: A one-day tabletop Magestry game written and run for you (and your choice of up to 4 friends) by one of Magestry’s GMs. Each person, including the people the winners choose, may only be involved in one game.

Thanks Be to Elmerton!

(The following has been taken from an unsealed, unmarked scroll found outside the Messengers’ Guild Outpost near Elmerton.)
Thanks be to the heroes of Elmerton!
Due to their assistance in the destruction of the shadow well that our rebel cousins used to create the abominations that devastated our ranks, we are finally making roads to victory.
The winter has been tough as usual but we have won many more fights than we have lost and are now pushing to Skye’s stronghold. Bosephus and Boom keep saying the time isn’t yet right for a total frontal attack to crush Skye but we are itching for a fight!
At any rate, thanks Elmerton!!!
Brody Marie Blackgate

Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest 2015

Here are our picks for the “Best of ” the November 6th- 8th event:

Whitney Best PC

Lilly was definitely this game’s best PC for leading the town.

This month’s Best PC has been with us and has been playing the same character for 11 years! Whitney Sternberg as Lilly has been a notable and wonderful PC during that time. We had the pleasure of watching as Whitney really came into her own at Magestry, and we have been continually impressed by her dedication to her character, her role-playing experiences, and the game itself. This game, too, left us impressed and grateful to have been able to have been a part of the storyline that Whitney helped us weave. Though we are looking forward to her new character and to the new stories and characters she will undoubtedly bring to the game, we would also like to bid a fond farewell to one of the few remaining folks from Elmerton’s early days. Whit, thanks for all you’ve done for the game! We’re looking forward to future interactions!

“My favorite PC was Lilly. I have never spent any time with her before and I got to know her a lot better this game. I got to go on a secretive plot with her and she gave me some pointers and tips and things to work on which I found very helpful and informative.”

“Lilly was also very helpful this game, answering a lot of in-game questions I had and inviting me to a secret organization I am still not sure if I want any part of.”

“Lilly. Besides this being her last game, almost every plot point I was involved in, she was as well, which showed me how deep her roots were.”


Jeff is always tops when it comes to PC-PC interactions.

Jeff is always tops when it comes to PC-PC interactions.

This month’s Best NPC was technically not an NPC, since he paid to PC the event, but given the amount of time and energy he gave to us over the course of the weekend, he might as well have been! Jeff Mitchell was an incredible help to us this event. He played several important roles incredibly well, helped us write plot, and even gave us some crunchy time in between plots. Jeff has consistently been a HUGE help to Magestry, an incredible role-player in all his roles, and a truly snappy dresser, putting thought, time, and energy into each of the characters he plays. He does all this selflessly and with the intention of making the game even better. Thank you for all your hard work and energy, Jeff! We truly appreciate it!

 “I am picking Jeff this game. I feel like I just expect his amazing character portrayal, but he really brings it to the front sometimes. I like him because he is always responsible, safe, and involved.”

“Oliver – he has a mastery of diplomacy and political interaction that I admire.”

“Jeff Mitchell – per normal he was exceptional, and great at helping out via NPCing.”