Sons of Alaric Seeking Help

Please read and take heed my friends!!!


I am Kurtis Brightmark, the librarian and official record keeper for the Sons of Alaric- Kingdom of Irvanshire Mother Chapter. As some of you may have heard by now, one of the biggest enemies of not only our group, but humanity itself, was the vile Garland Decedres. He was one of the three founders of Project:Deadma,n and by far the most mentally unstable. Project:Deadman and its success, until the combined efforts of the SOA and Elmerton brought it down, was not his ultimate goal. He wished to become an incarnation and very nearly pulled it off. After his death at the hands of the heroes of Elmerton and the eventual destruction of Project:Deadman, most figured his evil was wiped from the face of our world. We were wrong. His son, a man by the name of Dedrick, still draws breath after being freed from an SOA jail. On top of that, a journal Garland kept seems to have been scattered across all of Irvanshire and possibly even beyond. These pages could contain terrifying power and long lost dark arts. Please, if you stumble across anything that you think may even be a page, please report it to the local magistrate or to the nearest manor house.

Thank you for your attention,

Stay safe and be well,

Kurtis Brightmark

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