An Open Letter of Defiance to Irvanshire

An Open Letter of Defiance to the Kingdom of Irvanshire, and to Magesta:

Since time began, the Vampire Lords have competed against one another using their ability to cultivate bloodlines to gain control over Magesta’s nobility and other family lines of influence and power. They refer to this simply as “The Game.” Vampire Lords require an amount of time in a hibernation cycle every few hundred years. During these hibernation cycles, they are actually conscious, though their perception of time is different from ours. They change and empower themselves and, like a game of chess, plot future iterations of The Game. When they first enter their hibernation cycle, they do so understanding that their house is in a certain position in the hierarchy: First through Sixth. When they awaken, they awaken in whichever position they were in when starting their hibernation, and they begin their game anew.

The leader of the First House is given the title Vampire King or Queen, and he or she is supposed to be held in a higher esteem than even The Game, and his or her responsibility to the Vampire Lords is greater than The Game. The King or Queen is above it. In this iteration of the game, she is Queen Amphelise. Rarely do the Vampire Lords stray from the purview of The Game or from their insatiable need to continuously consume life and energies, but Amphelise has strayed. I recently learned that she spent her last hibernation cycle away from her house in a location where she had access to the Bloodwaters and to the Dream Realm. It is widely held that the Dream Realm, in ancient times more so, but even today, is responsible for the continual creation of Magesta. In fact, it is thought that our current Dream Realm is what is left of the Orb of Creation, which was the artifact responsible for creating much of the world when in the hands of the Creator, Saedius Magestis. I believe that Amphelise is using the creative power of the Dream Realm to change certain realities, if only temporarily. In this way, she has gained the allegiance of many nefarious forces, and she is gaining more every day. Additionally, she has been able to manipulate one of the most potent denizens of the Dream Realm. You know him as Mister Hi, but his rightful name is The Harbinger.

Since her Awakening, Queen Amphelise has been drawing attention to herself because of the rapidity with which she has gained power and prestige in the various Realms of Magesta. She is a threat to the very nature of the world, to the fabric of Magesta. She cannot be completely destroyed, for Vampire Lords will always eventually re-incorporate (even if it takes a millenium), but if we learn the method of defeating her, we can send her away so that we may undo the damage she has done.


-Professor Methos Wolfstone

Irvanshire Academy

Magestry’s Best Of Stillbreeze, 123

Here are our picks for the Best of the August 30th-September 1st event:

Best PC star

This month’s Best PC really showed us the range of his role-playing skills when he donned a fancy hat and a new character for the first time since he started with us. Mark Dey as Felix Steiner surprised us with a character that demonstrated such different characteristics and mannerisms from what we have seen with Rakesh, that we were able to easily believe the new persona. PCs and NPCs alike commented and complimented Mark’s ability to flawlessly move into such a different character, and we got to see a whole new level of role-playing from him. It was a pleasure to witness! Great job, Mark!

Best NPC star

Our Best NPC for this month is a veteran player who has decided to help us out on the Dark Side for a while. Amanda Mooney has been an enthusiastic and helpful member of the staff since she joined in June. With her energy and creativity along with an ability to make things happen, Amanda has quickly become an invaluable help both between and at games. We are truly fortunate that she has decided to help us out, and we are excited to have her as part of the staff for as long as she wants. Thanks for all your help, Amanda, and Congrats!!

My Apologies to Elmerton

Apologies for my control. I not enjoy taking you to trap set up by Mr. Hi and Amphelise. Mr. Hi took control of my body somehow, convince you of Vampire Prince to wake up. The Queen take influential and powerful minds to part of Nightmare Realm to attempt control over you. However, being stuck there gave access to one of Queen Amphelise’s nightmares: ability to kill Vampire Lord. Your minds all became linked and nightmares that you may have had were given to those linked with you.
That ritual you did as a town was supposed to stop Amphelise from having control over you… she did not take that too well I hear. It worked, and with her immediate presence afterward, I fear you misunderstood the consequence of that ritual. Look after one another. I think of way to help to make up for what I did.
Please forgive me,
Darya Bronislava.

Sons of Alaric Declare War!

To the People of Irvanshire:
This is something that has taken many many hours of thought to come to a decision to: After gathering my most trusted advisers including but not limited to General Edgel Alaricson, Lady Teagen, Special agent Fisher, and a few others that I will not mention here, the choice is clear. We have sat by too long as undead beings not unlike the ones we all swore an oath to destroy have had an almost unopposed run to do as they please. For too long we have allowed these things to quite literally play games with people’s lives. The powers that be will do nothing to stop them because, to be honest, these things are the true powers that be. All that being said, I will lay this out as simply as I can here: The Sons of Alaric will no longer be idle. From this moment on the Sons of Alaric declare war on a new enemy.  The Sons of Alaric delcar war on any and all vampires who dare sully the life cycle and exist only to bring death and misery to mortals.
We are fully aware of what this means, not only to our group as a whole, but to the lives of all involved with us who take this stand. Vampires and those who support them may read this and laugh, but to those who doubt our abilities I say this: We destroyed the single greatest undead threat that the world has ever known.
It took many lives and countless hours but Project:Deadman was destroyed.
To all Vampires I say this: Your time is over, your reign of terror is about to end. Mortals will no longer be your pawns. We will retake the night. They say you feel nothing and that your kind cannot be killed. I promise this, you will feel fear and you will feel the true death you deserved so long ago. The Sons are coming and all those who support us are as well. The sun is about to rise on your kind.
You have been warned.
Brandal Mcconell
Supreme commander of the Sons of Alaric.

Elementalists Still for Hire

Greetings Complacent Elmertonians,

It greatly exasperates me to be writing again on behalf of the First Father to encourage you to look out for the best interests of your own town. When my letter received no responses, he and I were both shocked and gravely disappointed.

The areas of town with high concentrations of elemental essence have, within the last year and a half, experienced significant trauma due to unforeseen events. This has resulted in a reversal of the intended energies and may have generated weak spots in the fabric of your town. In addition to allowing unwanted visitors to carry out their business undetected, they are starting to generate elemental anomalies. Over the past several months there have been instances of isolated storms, often only several feet in diameter, mini tornadoes and spontaneous and self-igniting fires appearing in and around Elmerton. While you may think this is a wonderful opportunity to water your garden, I assure you the effects will begin to compound and eventually cause you and those living in the surrounding towns significant trouble and potentially danger.

If you are not willing to protect yourselves and those you love, then at least think of the innocent neighbors you are damning by pretending this is not a serious set of events.

Again, I ask that interested parties write to me with a brief description of their elemental competencies and any experience they feel would aid in the neutralization effort. Though I am quite skilled in Elementalism and my research into the matter is thorough and extensive, I cannot handle this by myself. The First Father and I strongly urge your full cooperation in the matter.

A. Demeter
Assistant to the Honorable First Father