Sons of Alaric Declare War!

To the People of Irvanshire:
This is something that has taken many many hours of thought to come to a decision to: After gathering my most trusted advisers including but not limited to General Edgel Alaricson, Lady Teagen, Special agent Fisher, and a few others that I will not mention here, the choice is clear. We have sat by too long as undead beings not unlike the ones we all swore an oath to destroy have had an almost unopposed run to do as they please. For too long we have allowed these things to quite literally play games with people’s lives. The powers that be will do nothing to stop them because, to be honest, these things are the true powers that be. All that being said, I will lay this out as simply as I can here: The Sons of Alaric will no longer be idle. From this moment on the Sons of Alaric declare war on a new enemy. ┬áThe Sons of Alaric delcar war on any and all vampires who dare sully the life cycle and exist only to bring death and misery to mortals.
We are fully aware of what this means, not only to our group as a whole, but to the lives of all involved with us who take this stand. Vampires and those who support them may read this and laugh, but to those who doubt our abilities I say this: We destroyed the single greatest undead threat that the world has ever known.
It took many lives and countless hours but Project:Deadman was destroyed.
To all Vampires I say this: Your time is over, your reign of terror is about to end. Mortals will no longer be your pawns. We will retake the night. They say you feel nothing and that your kind cannot be killed. I promise this, you will feel fear and you will feel the true death you deserved so long ago. The Sons are coming and all those who support us are as well. The sun is about to rise on your kind.
You have been warned.
Brandal Mcconell
Supreme commander of the Sons of Alaric.
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