Elmerton Forests Rife With Change- Year 122 AoF

Activity in the forests around the small township of Elmerton (jurisdiction of which is still heavily contested between Houses Windlock and Lav’Endros) has seen an increase or dramatic change in several areas as observed and scribed by Scrivener Bertram:

  • An increase in shadow activity- this includes the presence of shadows, both aggressive and indifferent. Most shadow activity seemed to involve exploration and investigation into something unknown to the observer.
  • An increase in the presence and activity of the organization known to the townsfolk as the Ashynnied since the end of Bonheharvest, 122 AoF. Their activity seemed, at first, experimental in nature and with dire, sometimes deadly, consequences to its members. Throughout the winter, there seemed to be fewer and fewer casualties until, nearing the end of 122, their reactions suggested triumph and accomplishment. This observer could not ascertain the reason for either the casualties or the triumphant demeanors.
  • An increase in the presence and activity of strange creatures with the ability to maneuver unnaturally within consistent temporal parameters. Bearing skull-like visages, these creatures seem to have distinct capabilities that are consistent with the color of their skin. Blue creatures seem to have power over the mind, while the red ones are able to fight extremely effectively, though it appears as though they move through the temporal plane with fluidity, though perhaps without conscious directive or control. Brown ones appear as patches of darkness and have a tendency to steal whatever they find, popping out of their darkness only long enough for a quick look around.
  • A dramatic change in many of the hunting patterns of the animals native to these forests. Many of the prey animals have either become even more timid, leaving their feeding grounds to seek out safer places (sometimes starving themselves out of refusal to forage in the open) or have become unnaturally aggressive, attacking any and all who approach them. Predator animals have generally seen a change in behavior towards unnatural aggression, obsessive stalking of prey (hours or days on end without completion of the kill), and tendency towards restlessness and aWerewolf form of animal insomnia.
  • An increase in the presence of werewolves, especially in packs, throughout the woods. Most of the activity of these packs seemed centered on quiet investigation and exploration. Most seemed keen to stay out of public eye.
  • An increase in the intangible sense of overwhelming anxiety and tension within the very trees and stones of the forest.
  • A change in the size and shape and activity of the disease-curing mounds that lie on the borders of the town of Elmerton. These mounds have cured many diseases throughout the winter months as folks from as far away as Riverton have come to be cured by these seemingly miraculous plants. Though they have not grown too much bigger above ground, changes in the vegetation and topsoil around them suggest that they have grown exponentially beneath the surface. Unexplained movement from these plants has also been observed in the last months of the year 122.

And specifically in the Southern Woods, the following observations have been observed and scribed:

  • Unusual and increased activity in the Wood Trolls. They appear to be restless (which could, of course, be attributed to the coming of spring) but also have the unique ability to disappear into one tree and reappear from another, fully healed and restored. Observations of wood trolls in other areas of the forest surrounding Elmerton suggest that this ability is in fact unique to those native to the Southern Woods.
  • Increased sightings of “wild men” who seem to travel with and form bonds with the wood trolls in the area. These men have resorted to feral behaviors and are prone to cannibalism. They also seem to despise the race of men, and appear to consider themselves to be more wood troll than man.
  • Unusual sensations and effects happening to this observer were noted as he walked through the woods.

These observations were made dispassionately and without bias or prejudice and reflect the events taking place in the forests surrounding the Township of Elmerton in the South Farthings of the Kingdom of Irvanshire from the seventeenth day of Boneharvest to the thirty-first day of Bloodthaw in year 122 of the Age of Fortune.

-Scrivener Bertram

Open book

City-Wide Rioting Quelled in Leapei

Mongrellian militants in the town of Solguarida were dispersed before they could march on any nearby settlements, but not before causing immense damage to their own homes and businesses.

The chaos began with the assassinations of their mayor, a turtle mongrellian named Roltar Iglia and the only human citizen in the town, an Agent of Community named Marlon Trueborn. From there, the militants – feral supremacists bent on reclaiming cities and giving them back to the wild – trapped those who refused to march in their homes, setting them ablaze.

A peace-keeping order named The Dreams of Men arrived and attempted to negotiate with the militia group, to no avail. The militants refused to treat with “the baldfaces” and told them that “their beastless children would become prey, while they were suffocated in their towers”. An altercation started when one of the militants, an unidentified leopard mongrellian, cast death magics at the negotiating force.

The Dreams of Men evacuated non-violent citizens, while apprehending the rioters. Dozens of homes have been destroyed, with countless dead. Solguarida has become the burnt husk of a town; an eerie reminder to us all of the danger of the untamed.

PC Submission: Elmerton Trading Post!

Get’cher Trading Post Items ‘Ere!

Item:                                  Price:

Potion: Cure Wounds 1 x6            5cp

Potion: Cure Wounds 2 x2          1sp, 5cp    Potion-2-icon

Potion: Elemental Weapon x2    2sp, 5cp

Potion: Essence Lock x2               5sp

Potion: Stabilize x6                       4cp

Potion: Stoneskin x1                     5sp

Potion: Cure Disease x1                4sp

Potion: Strength x2                       1sp, 5cp

Potion: Psychic Weapon x3         6sp

Potion: Spiritual Weapon x3       6sp

Potion: Refresh Cantrip x6         1sp, 6cp


Potion: Mending x2                     1gp, 4sp (SALE!)

Scroll: Resurrection x3               10gp (SALE!)

Scroll: Stone to Flesh x1             7gp


(This list may be a weeeeee bit different come Gatheringday as last-minute inventory adjustments may be made.)

Don’t see something on the list that you want?




Grisly Parade of Death Strikes Riverton!

In what is becoming termed the “Blood Riots,” Riverton erupted in a night of frenzy and mayhem. It began during a performance at Hale Lonnigan’s Silver Harp, and escalated as throngs of blood crazed peasant rioters charged through the city, vandalizing and pillaging. It seems to have been sparked by some sort of unadvertised bardic performance, though the infectiousness of the high emotions seemed to spread beyond who could have possibly been inside the venue. House Van Doren has what they call “Very good leads,” and are investigating the source of the madness, which is said to have included active bloodletting, passive bloodletting, cannibalism, necromancy, and parading without a permit.

Lonnigan could not be reached for comment, but according to some of the employees of the Harp, the Farthings Five were slated to play, and the arrival of some Terl Ayran immigrants may have instigated some of the initial violence. Most of the peasantry who participated in the riots could not adequately explain themselves, and many offenders found themselves in the stocks, publicly beaten, fined, or pressed into indentured service. Anyone who has information about the origins or purpose of this heinous crime of terror can report to House Van Doren at their earliest convenience.

PC Submission: The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, regardless of how many turns it takes.

Greetings, fellow Elmertonians, I would like to welcome you all to a session of meditation, philosophy, and peace. Feel free to join me by the amphitheater at four bells past noon on Wakingday. There I can teach you how and why beings of Magesta meditate, their reasons for it, and what you can achieve by meditating. So come join me on Wakingday the thirteenth in the month of Newgreen! I look forward to meeting you!

-Asmondaious Dallin’tar

Apprentice Sioval of the Síochánta Valgus Order

PC Submission: Taxes

Hello Citizens of Elmerton,

The past several moons I have been collecting the taxes from our town. This will continue at the current rate of 5 copper.  Taxes will be collected on Fortuneday Morning from all residents in town. Paying ahead (within reason) can continue, however excessive paying is no longer allowed.

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Dante Stormwind

Magestry’s Best of Boneharvest, 2012!

Here are our picks for the Best of the November 2nd-4th event:

This month’s Best PC wow’d everyone with her dedication to her character’s obsession this weekend. Jess Dey as Umberleah not only brought page after page after page of drawings with her to game, but she was truly spectacular in her ability to keep adding obsessive drawings all throughout the event while still being able to role-play convincingly. She really added depth to her character and made the world around her a little more realistic and a lot edgier. We loved to see this side of Umberleah and are psyched to see more. Awesome job, Jess!


This month’s Best NPC was someone who, while pretty quiet, was a wonderful addition to the Dark Side. Andy Doucette really showed his role-playing chops this event, with several tough roles that he really excelled at. Aside from bringing tears to some eyes, Andy was full of energy and always willing to help out with whatever needed to be done, and always with a smile. We are extremely grateful to have him NPC for us, and we hope to see him again soon!

Fae Festival Named!

The Story Queen of Northeast Aszuron, Caressa Delphinne, has recently made the decision to name the Springtime Fae Festival that is generally recognized throughout Aszuron, and many other places on Magesta as well! This festival celebrates the onset of spring and the celebration of the New Year through the creation process, the playing of games, and the blessing of the land. Participants join together as couples to create a fae doll out of various new-grown grasses and twigs, which they then name. After playing a game with one another, the couple will hang their doll in the woods as an offering to the Fae. It is said that if the fae approve of the faeling, they will take the doll, bless the land, and give the couple a gift in return.

Though popular among farmers and townsfolk, this festival has not had a proper name- until now. Caressa has decided that this celebration will be called, at least among the fae of this area, the Festival of Ayawe. Let us usher in the New Year with celebrations of Life, fun, and blessings galore!

Strange Happenings All Over Magesta!

For reasons that haven’t been easily explained, people have, at random, been disappearing and reappearing out of thin air! Folks from far-off, strange lands have been popping up all over Magesta, confused as to how they have gotten to those locations. Strange animals and violent creatures that are not native to the areas they have been sighted have been appearing as well. Additionally, there have been reports of people disappearing from their homes, shops, and right off of public roads all over Magesta. The Portal Authority has had little to say thus far, releasing only one statement:
“The Portal Authority is investigating this very aggressively. Although we are not convinced that portals have anything to do with this activity, we are best equipped to handle it and will do all we can. Anyone with any information or have had sightings to the effect of these descriptions should report them to the Portal Authority at the soonest time possible.”
Rossevelt Surehand
Publicly Roving Scribe

Prove Yourself to be the Best!


It’s time once again to step up to the line and prove who the best archer in the South Farthings is! You may normally fight with sword, but now is the time to draw back your bow. Come challenge yourselves in accuracy and speed.
Time and location have not yet been determined but feel free to find me in the woods or write me, Waywatcher Raven, if you are interested in participating or helping with the preparations. Any help will be welcome!
When this is over, the South Farthings may just have a new Champion!
Waywatcher Raven