Strange Happenings All Over Magesta!

For reasons that haven’t been easily explained, people have, at random, been disappearing and reappearing out of thin air! Folks from far-off, strange lands have been popping up all over Magesta, confused as to how they have gotten to those locations. Strange animals and violent creatures that are not native to the areas they have been sighted have been appearing as well. Additionally, there have been reports of people disappearing from their homes, shops, and right off of public roads all over Magesta. The Portal Authority has had little to say thus far, releasing only one statement:
“The Portal Authority is investigating this very aggressively. Although we are not convinced that portals have anything to do with this activity, we are best equipped to handle it and will do all we can. Anyone with any information or have had sightings to the effect of these descriptions should report them to the Portal Authority at the soonest time possible.”
Rossevelt Surehand
Publicly Roving Scribe
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