Vampire Houses in turmoil! Our nation to be restored!


Last Petalsong, I was forced to invoke the Right of Perdition as our nation faced a grave danger, with many of the nation’s nobility under a terrible control.

It brings me great pleasure to announce that – on a case by case basis – The Allegiant are revoking the Right of Perdition.

The Vampire Houses are in disarray. Even now, months later,  they succumb to power-plays and in-fighting. They are killing each other more quickly than any of us could.  The Vampire Queen is dead and with her passing, so too passes their sway over our nobility. The creatures are retreating without their noble lords to hide behind.

Already Point Edgar and Tradegate have been returned to the able hands of our nobility. Once the  investigations into each town and city are complete, all of Irvanshire will be back to normal. I want to thank each and every one of you for the smooth transition of power to us. I anticipate the conversion back to be just as easy.

As the Allegiant, it is our duty to serve, especially when others cannot. Thank you for your cooperation, Irvanshire.


-Valvik Gallows, Incarnist of All Incarnations,
Arch-Minster of the The Allegiant in Irvanshire

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