A Funeral for the Alpha

It was a warm day for late winter. The sun shone bright, the animals of the forest were awake and moving, after a short winter’s nap. But on this beautiful warm winter’s day, an area of shadow loomed over the manor house. A large, bearded man walked up to the guarded doors and was allowed to pass without question: The guards knew the time had come. Griswald, as the man is known, was escorted down to the crypts with a full honor guard in his wake. In the Crypt Aralia waited solemnly with the Baroness, tears glittering in her eyes. Griswald went into the crypt, paused for a moment, and looked at the remains of the Great Alpha, his sire, laying in the cold space before gently picking up his body. As he exited the crypt, the honor guard saluted and held their weapons in honor position.  As Griswald walked down the hall, Aralia and the Baroness walked behind him. As they all passed, the honor guard followed in formation behind them. When they got outside, many members of the township of Elmerton were waiting outside and followed the honor guard. The procession headed towards the town’s shrine to Gwendolar in silence and even the woodland creatures seemed to bow their heads as they passed. At the Shrine, Verdod is waiting, and slightly dirty, and looking slightly angry. The grave for the Great Alpha had been dug in a grassy grove slightly west of the obelisk, and was lined with furs. Offerings had also been left alongside and in the grave.

Verdod and Griswald wrapped the Great Alpha’s body in the furs and lowered him gently into the grave, allowing everyone to pay their respects. Among them was Lynsara and Wilfamin Clearwater. The latter gazed upon the scene sadly and whispered an incantation sending an aura of tranquility around the area and causing an early growth of vegetation to sprout from the frosted ground. Ancient words written to send forth loved ones to the next life were spoken by the Baroness while Verdod, Griswald and Aralia covered the grave with sanctified burial dirt. Finally a Grave Marker was set for the Great Alpha under a sky filling with clouds. Remarkably, sunlight seemed to surround the grave and stayed this way until night time when then the sky cleared and the crescent moon shone brightly over the grave. All through the land the howls of wolves, werewolves, and wolfkin echo.

these are the events as recorded by Elgin Prokaire, wandering scribe

Grave Robbers Vandalize Manor House Catacombs

House Lav’Endros is currently investigating a burglary which occurred during the late night hours of Gatheringday, the15th of Boneharvest. According to an eyewitness, a small group of a half dozen or so shady looking figures were seen around the midnight hour traveling along Elmerton’s southern road before disappearing into the hillside below the Manor House grounds. It was later discovered by Lav’Endros guards that a secret entrance, hidden and long forgotten, had been unearthed within the property’s overgrown hedge maze and had been used to access a narrow tunnel leading to the deepest levels of the estate’s catacombs. Reportedly, the tunnel had been deliberately collapsed by the criminals to evade pursuit after they had robbed the graves of dozens of the dead buried within.
Baroness Lav’Endros is rumored to be furious with the audacity of these criminals and is offering a reward for any information leading to their capture. It is also being said that she has assigned responsibility of the investigation not to one of her senior House Guards, but instead to a relatively new member of her servant staff, a man by the name of Dolamus Dunfarri. For purposes of the investigation, Dunfarri has been given the interim position of “House Inquisitor” along with the rank and entitlements of a lesser noble.

Any and all information related to the case is to be directed to Detective Dunfarri.

Memoirs of an Oohm’dolian

*The following excerpts came from the few intact pages of a journal carried by a female spider-fae whose mutilated corpse was recently found lying in the woods just outside the ill-fated, treetop village of Oohm’dol in Craftshire

Petalsong, Year 126 of the Age of FortuneBy Gwendolar’s light we find ourselves traveling along the path to a long forgotten region few know of and even fewer have visited in a very long time. The trees here say the lands once went by the name of Marshall’s Landing and that those who once lorded over it are long past and no more. What is more disconcerting though is that many of the stones here lament that we should never have come to these accused woods, but now that we are here, we should “get comfortable” in our new home, for “all who enter, are never permitted to leave.” Ash and I are not sure how to take these words, but the two travelers we met this morning, although questionable of character, seemed unworried and have kindly offered to lead us safely to where a large group of adventurers have gathered and are attempting to rebuild this lost settlement. We are strengthened by our hope and the promise that Gwendolar will bless both us and this new community.

Harvestwane, Year 126 of the Age of FortuneSeven of them, reputedly “heroes” from the town of Elmerton, sat in the bushes all day and all night, squatting like dogs while high up in the trees above we mourned the loss of two of our own. Even the ugly one had enough sense to show respect. If not for her, we would never have been able to lay my brother and sister’s spirits to rest. Dasher and Ashengale, I will avenge your deaths and bring to justice the ones responsible. 

Reapingdusk, Year 126 of the Age of FortuneThe letter is sent as grandfather had asked. I do not expect a response, nor any aid to come from the “Town of Heroes”. The very same people Dasher and Ashengale lost their lives for while trying to help them escape from a place they never should have been in. My brother and sister were the true heroes. If I ever find out that these Elmertonians are responsible for their deaths they will pay…they will ALL pay!!

Boneharvest, Year 126 of the Age of Fortune~ I guess I was wrong about them, about everything. Grandfather was right. He trusts that ugly ogress, so I guess I do also. From what she told him, Dasher and Ashengale’s murderers got the justice they deserved. May they both rot in the Abyss and may Gwendolar forgive me for my doubt. Brother, sister…I miss you both and I pray you have found the peace you so deserve. 

Harvestwane, Year 127 of the Age of Fortune ~ Words can not express the loss I have suffered. First Dasher and Ashengale. Now Grandfather and so many of the others. Nimzy, I wish you were here. I sent a letter to the “Heroes of Elemerton. I pray they get it and, PLEASE Gwendolar, let them say yes!

Newgreen, Year 128 of the Age of FortuneYou never came, but its okay, for if you had I may never have met my most handsome prince. He is the one who truly saved me and the others. I feel though, that I should thank you, for he told me that it was you who led him to us and now we are together. So, thank you and we all hope to see you soon!

Petalsong, Year 128 of the Age of FortuneYou finally came to visit our new home, but you didn’t stay very long. I guess you had to run. That’s okay, we will come visit you in Elmerton real soon. See you then!

Enlightening, Year 128 of the Age of FortuneOur family is so big now, so many brothers and sisters. Oohm’dol has never looked more beautiful, all covered in gossamer veils like a bride on her wedding day. I hope my prince will return soon. He said he is going to bring home an old doctor friend he used to work with for dinner. I hope he’s yummy! 

Boneharvest, Year 128 of the Age of FortuneDr. Vorkrop is a genius!! I can’t believe he is going make my handsome hero into a real life PRINCE!!! I hope he asks me to be his princess!