Magestry’s Best of Enlightening, 125

Here are our picks for the best of the June 19th-21st event:

Aralia bathes in the glow of the Best PC star.

Aralia bathes in the glow of the Best PC star.

This month’s Best PC has been with us for a long time and has recently begun to show us not only the quality of her role-playing during game, but also the quality of her character out-of-game. Tonya Mathiason has spent her in-game time as Aralia Faerydae and has really been killing it! Both staff and players have noticed her stellar interactions during game and have been extremely pleased with her ability to create a unique and believable character in Aralia. Before, after, and in-between games, Tonya has been a superhero, always looking to help in whatever way she can and being an incredible asset to us behind the scenes. We are so very blessed to have her at Magestry! Thanks, Tonya! here’s some nice things you had to say about your time with her:

Having spent some time with her recently I have found that she is a great player with a great sense of humor.

I thought she did a great job role playing this weekend. She is always in character and its great to have seen her grow as a player over the years.

Aralia is someone that I usually accidentally overlook when it comes to this question. She is rarely the center of attention, but she is always there and is always immersed.

Cara gets pounced by Sandow!

Cara gets pounced by Sandow!


Our Best NPC this month has been with us for about a year, and we are glad she joined! Cara Backman spent this weekend out and about dying (and recycling) just about 100 times over the course of the weekend! (Yes, we kept track!) She is always ready to go do things out in game and is slowly getting comfortable with the role-playing aspect of the game as well! Throw in the fact that she is constantly helping where she can before and after game, and you’ve got yourself the makings of an incredible NPC. We are very grateful for all her help and are sure glad that she’s here! Thanks, Cara!

Declaration From the Sons of Alaric

To our friends and brothers and sisters in arms in Irvanshire:

Greetings. My name is Special Agent Atwater. I am a former scribe and scholar who joined and fought with the Sons of Alaric after my family was killed by the undead creations known as Ultimates. The Sons wish to clear the air a bit and keep everyone informed of our activities and overall mission. I will break this up into simple numbered points.

1. Supreme Commander Alaricson is still not with us. The grief he felt when commander McConell died hit him very hard. We have tried to contact him, but so far we have failed. In his stead, General Tunney from the Terl Ayre branch has been called back to be Steward Commander until he returns. We have also called back Special Agent Fisher, who has been promoted to General.

2. Making sure Project Deadman (PDM) never returns is still our top priority. With Garland and Sebastian dead and, as far as we know, the beacons destroyed, it would be highly unlikely that PDM would be able to return, though loose ends still exist. We know that Garland’s son Dedrick is still alive, and we have heard rumors of a book that not only explains how to create the serum that is needed, but the proper incantations and other scientific means for creating the beacons to power PDM creations, as well as the full process to create “Perfects” and “Ultimates.” Anyone with any information on this should contact us immediately. You will be rewarded with coin and/or training.

3. The Sons are also still hunting vampires and actively seeking out those who supported them in their latest “Game” that claimed countless lives.

4. We also support Bosephus Blackgate and his clan in their fight against Rebekkah Sky and her clan in the Blackgate war. We have been supporting Bosephus with food, money, and weapons for months. We now have agents and other troops below ground to support them. We consider the fusion of regular humans and shadows in accelerated birth pits to be an abomination, and it must be stopped.

5. We have no statement on the Gatekeeper at this time.

We hope this clears things up. The Sons of Alaric may not be as publicly active as we once were, but we are working tirelessly to ensure that evil will never triumph.

Thank you for reading this.

The dead may rise from their graves and they may walk, but as long as even a single agent draws breath, they’d better run.

-Special Agent Atwater

Player Submission: Common Man’s Guide to the Incarnations and the Allegiant

This Guide will be a departure from the previous entries. In the spirit of the month of Enlightening (Editor’s Note: this article was received in Enlightening, but is only being published now), I will be enlightening you with Knowledge regarding the Incarnations and the Allegiant. This essay will also touch upon the Bloodwaters.


The Incarnations are embodiments of the most important concepts in Magesta. There are many minor Incarnations, but the Great Incarnations technically number 17. The chart below contains 19, though it should be noted that the Creator is technically not an Incarnation (currently) and Death and Dream are technically the same liminal Incarnation. Usually, the Incarnations are counted as 18, counting Death and Dream separately and excluding the Creator.

It is from the Incarnations that we derive the days of the week and the months of the year. Since many members of town often struggle remembering the names of months, this chart includes the previous Age’s month names as well.

Age                                 Years                                      Incarnation                                         Day

Creation                              117?*                                        The Creator                                         Shapingday

Dream / Repose               3613                                            Dream                                               Dreamingday

War                                     1005                                             War                                                  Battleday

Tears                                   5375                                             Fear                                                 Weepingday

Gathering                           2877                                        Community                                       Gatheringday

Arrival / Waking              2007                                           Faith                                                   Wakingday

Fortune                               125+                                           Fortune                                              Fortuneday


Incarnation                                            Month                                               Old Month(Age of Arrival)

Nature                                                          Newgreen                                                              Impril

Music                                                            Petalsong                                                            Maygrelian

Knowledge                                                  Enlightening                                                          Ogrune

Magic                                                             Suncast                                                                   Gobly

Peace                                                             Stillbreeze                                                           Gnomegust

Labor                                                            Harvestwane                                                          Elftember

Death                                                            Reapingdusk                                                          Orctober

Evil                                                                Boneharvest                                                        Dwarvember

Law                                                                  Greysky                                                                Drakember

Chaos                                                             Ravingfrost                                                          Humanuary

Memory                                                      Reminiscence                                                           Faebruary

Life                                                                  Bloodthaw                                                              Marchestry

*Some scholars argue that since Death did not exist until the Age of Repose, measuring time for the Age of Creation is meaningless.

Allegiant Symbol AloneThe Allegiant

The Allegiant is an organization dedicated to worshiping, serving, and giving Agreement to the Incarnations. The Allegiant categorizes the Incarnations into three groups: the Head, the Heart, and the Hand.

Each of these three groups is tied to a different color of the Bloodwaters. While the Incarnations are manifestations of phenomena important to Magesta, the Bloodwaters are a sentient manifestation of the entire universe. There are five colors of the Bloodwaters, but only three are accessible from Magesta.

The Blue Bloodwaters are Spirit. Blue is the color of the Heart. The Heart is living. The Heart is emotion. The Heart is passion. The Heart sways rationality and gives drive to action. The Heart is Chaos, Death, Faith, Fear, Life, and Music.

The Red Bloodwaters are Magic and Energy. Red is the color of the Head. The Head is consciousness. The Head is reason. The Head is methodical. The Head is drive. The Head gives order to action and tempers emotion. The Incarnations of the Head are Dream, Memory, Knowledge, Magic, Evil, and Law.

The Yellow Bloodwaters are Time. Yellow is the color of the Hand. The Hand is action. The Hand is work, though not necessarily manual labor. The Hand is follow-through. The Hand is consequence. The Hand gives a means to both passion and ambition. The Hand is Community, Fortune, Labor, Peace, Nature, and War.

There are those in the Allegiant who serve all the Incarnations, but most Allegiant members are drawn to either the Head, the Heart, the Hand, or to one Incarnation in particular.

If you are interesting in learning more about the Incarnations and the Allegiant, please seek out one of the following people:

Oliver Finnestera, Minister of the Elmerton Allegiant

Rybin vanHolt, Cordent of the Head

Sebastian Dark, Yeoman of the Hand

Asmondaious, Confessor of the Heart



Yours in Knowledge,

Rybin vanHolt

Historian and Scholar