Elmerton: The Town of Heroes or Monsters?!

When given this assignment, I was not prepared for the brutal den of sin, thievery, and apathy that I would be walking into, but as a decorated and critically acclaimed reporter, I persevered. While interviewing the Town guard, Linarien, she admitted to not only allowing the slime creatures that have been terrorizing Irvanshire, but being responsible for a confirmed 48 murders perpetrated by these “slime monsters”. I was then told by a man who claimed his name was “Adele” explained that the town itself were in fact “monsters,” explaining to me the horrid activities the town would perform on a regular basis, not the least of which was Murder. There, too, we met a being who claims to be a human-looking shell controlled by 7 foxes. They made a convincing show in my presence of a woman wearing a fox mask, but what is the true mask? Finally, I talked to a proclaimed Immortal called Feshanyog who saw people as “pebbles that were made to crash against each other,” showing total disregard for any form of life. I would have continued my investigation but after I was viciously robbed of my equipment, I knew that I first must retrieve my gear, braving myself to one of these monsters to retrieve my things. I knew then it was time to retreat from this horrid place before I risked mine and my assistant’s life even further. I am glad I survived to report this.

Elmerton, the so called “Town of Heroes” May have at one point earned that name, but the monsters that have taken over this town aren’t those people. It may be that they became what they fought, but regardless I would advise anyone expecting heroes in the town of Elmerton – you should expect Monsters instead.

Miles Dakley 

Magestic Messenger

Mine Thievery

After the odd disappearance of the iron mine last moon, royal inquisitors have been looking for any clues with no leads. Once again, they find themselves baffled as a copper mine in the mountains east of Point Edgar fell to a similar fate, vanishing seemingly overnight. The missing metal is estimated at about 200 tons of copper. After an in depth search into the mines, the only clue found was a crushed clockwork machine that seemed to be shaped like a spider the size of a small child. If you have any information on the situation or are specialists in clockwork machinery, please contact Inquisitor Hawthorne in Point Edgar.