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A Guide to Magestry's Various Reward Points
Nearly every style of game that lasts for more than a single session features some kind of point system to track player progress and reward time investment. Magestry has several such point systems, and while it may seem confusing to have so many types of points, they all govern unique aspects of player investment, and having each type of investment tracked separately allows us to be more lenient with one type of reward (for special occasions) without it necessarily affecting all other types. And don't worry, you do not need to remember anything about any of these point systems during game play.

A Brief Summary of Magestry's 5 Types of Rewards

Skill Points (SP): These are the points you use to purchase skills for your character. Some games call these Character Points or Build Points.

Brownie Points (BP): These are points earned by helping to set up before and clean up after events. They are also awarded for item donations you make to the game. You can spend your Brownie Points to get various things for you or your character.

Player Experience Points (PXP): These are points that are earned as you play Magestry, either by attending events or spending BP. They only increase and can never decrease. After you retire a character from play, PXP are used to determine the starting Skill Point total for your new character (PC).

Magestic Experience Points (MXP): These are points that you earn by playing any Magestic LARP, which means Magestry and any other game that Magestry has an exchange program with. MXP are considered along with PXP when setting starting SP for a new character, and they are also considered by other Magestic LARPs when determining points for your characters at those games.

Magestry Bucks (MB): These are kind of like points, but we call them Bucks because they are a representation of actual cash dollars you have invested in Magestry. The most common way to earn Magestry Bucks is to donate money.

    Magestry Bucks work just like cash, and you can use them to pay for anything at Magestry that you would normally use cash to pay for. Whenever you donate money to Magestry, instead of being given Brownie Points, you will be given Magestry Bucks. These Bucks are recorded on your player page in the database, where you can convert them to Brownie Points, registration discounts, or directly to Skill Points. You can also purchase additional Magestry Bucks there, or at an event during check-in.

    One Magestry Buck converts to One Brownie Point or to $1 off a game registration. Ten Magestry Bucks convert directly to One Skill Point. Note that it is more efficient to covert Magestry Bucks to Brownie Points and then convert those BP into SP (5 to 1), and converting BP to SP will also increase your Player Experience Points (PXP), but there is a per-game cap of 75 BP that may be converted to SP. Magestry Bucks may be converted directly to SP outside of that cap, though doing so will not gain you PXP, and converting Magestry Bucks to SP has its own cap. While we don't anticipate that cap will become an issue, if it does, we will inform you individually.

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