Welcome to the Magestry Rangers: A Live Action Role-Playing based Youth Adventure Program for kids aged 8-14! (For children under 8, see the section under “Parents”)

The program provides a place for the families of Magestry and other Live Action Role-Playing Groups, as well as local  youth, to attend LARP events together, while allowing for separate age-appropriate interactions. Rangers who participate in one of our weekends have fun and develop a variety of skills through outdoor and game-based activities.

Outdoor Skills – Camping, Cooking, Pioneering, etc. with Adventure Achievements (Kind of like Merit badges)

Creativity Skills – Help participants to create stories and artworks that they can share with each other and their families.

Social Skills – Conflict Resolution, Anti-Bullying, creating an environment of inclusion and acceptance.

Rangers will find that they can rise through the ranks and, once they become older, will be encouraged to assist in the program development and execution, helping them to develop a sense of ownership and empowerment that follow them back to their families.

After they reach they age of 14, Rangers can attend Magestry events, but will still be encouraged to volunteer part of their weekends to helping with the younger participants still in the Ranger program. The character they build for Magestry will get benefits based on their achievements and investment in the Magestry Rangers program.