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Player Characters
Your Character
As you will find once you first play Magestry, Magesta is a very vivid place, and we want your character to lack none of the same vividness. Everyone has the same races and skills to choose from, but only you can decide exactly where your character came from and what his characteristics are. Set aside some time during your character creation process to bring him to life. Begin by trying to answer the following questions:
  • Where did you come from? What made you leave?
  • Who does your character love? Who do they hate?
  • What made them the person they are today?
  • What are their goals and ambitions?
  • Who or what are his greatest friends? Enemies?

Keep in mind that it is easier for the staff of Magestry to write plot for your character if your history is simple and not a heroic epic. If your character is starting the game, it doesn't make any logical sense that their history dictates that they were a great war general or the head of some renowned mages' guild.

Also, you cannot create your character a situation that gives him a benefit over any other character. (Example: He can be from a wealthy family [not nobility], but that does not mean he will begin play with any more money than another beginning player because of it.)


Becoming a player is easy:
  1. Email us at [email protected] and we will set you up with an account in our database.
  2. Build your character in our database.
  3. It is easier for us if you fill out these Waiver and Medical forms before you arrrive. You can turn them in at check-in or, if you are mailing us a payment, send them along.
  4. E-mail your Character History. The magestry staff needs this information to create exciting and compelling plots that may involve your character! Send your  character and character history to [email protected] with "Magestry Player Character" as the subject.
  5. Register for the event online with our database or send a check to the address below:

Send 'Event Registration Form' and payment to:
27 Sugar Hill Road,
Williamsburg, MA 01096
Make checks payable to "Magestry"

Player Reps Until the Summer of 2020

Adam Wambolt (Bram)
Andy Doucette (Rybin)
Jesse Lemieux (Sandow)
Justin Pluff (Drifter)
Peter Dey (Silver)
Steph Lindquist (Linarien)
Zak Smith (Ellanath)

Player Reps Until the Summer of 2021

Eric Bright (Liam)
James Garvin (Ukobach)
Maria Carr (Jayden)
Mike Blackmer (Reinen)
Nathan Carr (Stiles)
Tonya Mathiason (Aralia)
Tyler Redzko (Griswald)

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