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Event Registration
Registration Forms
Make Checks Payable To:
There will be a $25 charge for each returned check.

Mail To:
27 Sugar Hill Road,
Williamsburg, MA 01096
The registration fee for a typical weekend-long event is $80, and you can register online via the Magestry Database. However, new players only pay $40 for their first game!

Alternatively, you may fill out this registration form and mail it to the address on the right.

Other Necessary Forms
Click Here for the Waiver of Liability / Rules Agreement  in Adobe PDF. All Magestry participants are required to complete and submit one in order to participate. Mail or bring this form with you to Check-In.
Click Here for the Medical Release / Parental Permission Slip in Adobe PDF. All Magestry participants are required to complete and submit a Medical Relaese in order to participate. Participants under 18 require the Parental Permission section be filled out and signed. Mail or bring this form with you to Check-In.
Other Registration Options
Hardship Discount: If you have fallen on hard times and need a bit of a break, you may email [email protected] and request our Hardship Discount, which will reduce the registration fee you pay by $10. This discount will stay in effect for you for 6 months. After that time, if you are still in the same position, you may email us and request the discount again. To get the Hardship Discount, you must register by at least one day before the event starts. The discount will not be applied if you pay at the event. The Hardship Discount can also not apply to first-time players.

Minimal Attendance: This option is for people who will be attending an event for zero to 10 hours of game time. It costs $60. Minimal Attendance works, in all ways, like a regular game registration, except you will not receive any bonus costuming or roleplaying Skill Points; you will only get the 25 blanket SP. The Hardship Discount may also be applied to a Minimal Attendance game, so your cost would be $50.

Paying NPC: It is free to attend Magestry as an NPC (staff member), and, at the end of an event, NPCs earn half the number of Skill Points that a PC does. However, if you NPC and would like to earn full Skill Points instead of half, you may be a Paying NPC for that game. The cost to do so is only $20. Even if you don't pay that $20 at the event, you will have the option of paying it at any time in the future to get the full SP from the event.

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