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Non-Player Characters (NPCs, Cast)
Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are technically the in-game personalities assumed by the cast members, but the term “NPCs” may also be used to refer to the cast members themselves. The cast is the driving force behind the story line of a Magestry event. They are the beasties that the player characters battle, the strange and new people that they encounter, and the workers hidden behind the scenes.
If you plan to NPC, please tell us by at least one week before an event. We need time to figure out who we have and what plots we are going to use them in. Also, space for NPCs is limited, and there is some chance that you will not be able to get in at the door.


To be part of the Cast, follow th
e instructions below:
  • If you don't already have an account in our database, email us at [email protected] to get one set-up.
  • Register for the event using our database under "NPC Lodging" or send us an email to [email protected].
  • Be sure you have completed and submitted the required waiver Forms. If you don't bring them with you, we'll just ask you to fill them out during check-in.





Many of the masks our NPCs use come from
Morbid Mask Studios

Much of our customing was made by
Sebboh's Costuming

Many of the photos you see on Facebook were taken by
Bushor Photography

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Casey Pastore              Chris Stricker
Jess Serra
                    Clara Bertagnolli

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