Weekend Itinerary

This is a sample itinerary. Times (except meal times) and activities will vary slightly from one event to the next.

(Before the Rangers Program begins, kids are welcomed to be on the ground and assist with Magestry set up, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.)

Friday Night 

8PM – 9pm:   Arrive with parents, fellowship time, games

9PM: Lights out (8-10yo), Extra Fellowship (11-13yo)

10PM: Lights out (11-13yo)


8AM: Wake up

9AM: Breakfast

9:30AM – 12PM: 45 minutes of block activities (example)Block 1 – Outdoor Skills – Block 2 – Creativity corner – Block 3 – Outdoor Action Games (dodge bolt, CTF)

12PM: Lunch

12:30PM – 6PM: 45 Minute block schedules, interspersed with siesta (Example: Block 1 – Nature Hike – Block 2 – Games (team-building)  – Block 3 – Siesta/free time Block 4 – Prepare for dinner/campfire)

6PM: Dinner

6:30PM: Storytelling/Sitdown Games

8PM: Campfire (songs, stories, marshmallows)

9PM: Lights out (8-10 yo), Sitdown games and hangouts (11-13yo)

10PM: Lights out (11-13 yo)


8AM: Wake up

9AM: Breakfast

9:30AM: RP games

11:00 AM: Clean up Common areas

12:00PM: Meet up with parents and clean up personal gear

1:00PM: Observe final battle (from an out-of-game area)

2:00PM: Game OVER – Help clean up the event, have fun, and head home!